Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Malacca Trip: Part 1

DSC01197 copy
That trishaw rider immediately waved to me when I just took out my camera.
That is Portuguese, which translates into "Welcome to Malacca".
Almost a fortnight ago, I was at Malacca for a couple of days. It is always better to have someone to take you along, when you are visiting a new place. Well, it wasn't exactly my first trip to Malacca - this is my third time in this historical town in the last 20 years. Before we went for a stroll around the town, or should I said the few famous spots in Malacca, we had our lunch at Hoe Kee chicken rice ball shop and durian cendol at Restaurant 88. Its name itself suggest that the restaurant must be prospering quite well, judging from the number of customers having their lunch there.
First thing to greet me when we were on our way to the Stadhuys building area was a Dutch windmill. It was just a miniature model of the real one as I didn't see it moving at all although there was some light breeze when we were there.
DSC01200 copy
The weather was neither too hot nor too cold; I mean cold as during the rainy days. It was just alright for a stroll around the town for both of us. Next up was the clock tower, which is still working until today.
DSC01220 copy
Located just next to the clock tower will be the Christ Church of Malacca.
DSC01206 copy
We were fortunate that when we got ourselves to the Queen Victoria's fountain, which is situated in between the clock tower and the church, the wind wasn't blowing that much. Otherwise we would have gotten ourselves wet.
DSC01202 copy
Talking about visiting tourist spots, there will always be stalls set up selling souvenirs at hiked-up price most of the time. Same thing goes with a ride on the trishaw. They are beautifully decorated with colourful plastic flowers and antique accessories, among others. Compared to the ones in Penang, I would say that the trishaw in Malacca looks more appealing. If there is one thing they should improve on the trishaws, it would be the advertisement from the two main local communication companies - Digi and Maxis on the umbrella and around the trishaw. Almost all of them carried Digi's advertisement, but I spotted two trishaws with Maxis logo. It is just an eyesore. Those ang mohs must be wondering whether those logos are our national symbols or something like that.
DSC01222 copy
Say "NO" to Maxis umbrella; and "YES" to trishaws like the one in the background.
I got to know that a ride on that three-wheel vehicle will cost a heafty RM40 per hour. I would rather spent that for a few plates of chicken rice balls. I should be getting around 50 balls with that amount and could still have some change in return.
DSC01216 copy
The area wasn't that packed yet as it was still noon and most of the tourist must have preferred to get themselves there later in the day. Nevertheless, less people means more time and space for both of us to camwhore. I will limit myself to only a couple of our camwhore photos in this entry. First up will be the one on the staircase at near the entrance to the Stadhuys building.
DSC01214 copy
Taken by a pak cik from a souvenir stall.
Second and the last one, me at one of the walkway to the top of St. Paul's hill. Before I could take that photo, there was actually a group of Japanese, who kept on camwhoring for so long in all the poses you could ever imagine, including the most common one, which is posing like a prisoner with the gate closed. However, I didn't follow their style.
DSC01226 copy
As for me, I just stood there like a slim long pole.

~ to be continued ~


Anonymous said...

feel like...i should visit melaka again...
the last time was...
5 years ago...
or maybe..
7 years ago...

calvin said...

@ ns29:
ask randy to take you around the next time you are paying malacca a visit =)

Unknown said...

hey that 'hello' from the trishaw puller is cool! never seen any trishaw puller that engergetic & happy :)

calvin said...

@ quachee:
i hardly had time to adjust the mode on my camera when i took that shot. it was just a random one and i never knew it would turn out nicely :)