Saturday, January 26, 2008

Emoticons Craziness

I was having a usual chat with my mum last night and just like any other time, the topic will be mostly about doing catching ups between people at home, besides her usual school-related talk with me, which will be mentioned at least once whenever I call or chat with her. Since she looked quite bored after some time, I tried doing some silly stuff with her instead of just talking through skype.
Initially, I didn't try making those silly stuff deliberately. I was just typing some emoticons on the skype windows while skyping with her and that was the time that she began asking me why there are pictures of people smiling. Sometimes, you have to spare them from their ignorance. I understand that very well because I used to hear many of my friends who tell me that some of their parents don't even know how to turn on a computer. At least, from a person who didn't even dare to touch a mouse, my mum have since learned how to turn a computer on and skype with me now. I always reassure her than there won't be a huge dinosaur jumping out from the monitor if she happen to click on the wrong button. I guess now, she is no longer afraid of dealing with a mouse. Back to the smiley thing, I told her that they are called emoticons. So, I typed out a few more emoticons for her and she appeared to be getting more and more excited.
"What la them, all this while never teach me about this thing also".
2 copy
It appeared as if we were communicating through emoticon language.
Well, she was referring to my three younger sisters of not showing her the excitement of playing with emoticons. So, the chat box eventually turned into a place for both of us trying out on the emoticons available. When she was asking me how we can remember so many of them, I told her that she can actually choose them from the list, in case she don't know the shortcut key for some emoticons. Soon enough, I got an emoticon with an evil grin from her. I asked her whether that emoticon she sent has any significance in it, or it was just a random pick from the list.
"Eh, it's an evil grin la". And she continued laughing away.
In the end, I got what she was trying to tell me. Earlier in our conversation, she was wondering why I was skyping with her longer than usual that night. I just smiled and said that there was no particular reason for that. That prompted her to make her own reasoning, telling me that I was skyping with her so long all because she was not around.
Now, I know what that evil grin is all about -.-ll


Wee Kien said...

walau, ur mum so geng, noe how to use parents dunno how to use computer at all.......

calvin said...

@ chwk87:
previously, she didn't even know how to turn on a computer. but now, at least there are some improvements made already. anyway, i'm not surprised to hear that about your parents as it's quite a common thing among our parents for not knowing how to use a computer.

pinksterz said...

next your mum gonna knows you blog too like what happened to me!

calvin said...

@ pinksterz:
i don't have to wait that to happen, coz she has been reading my blog for some time already =D