Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bear Bear Tagged Me

I don't really fancy myself doing memes, but this one sounds interesting to me. Got tagged on this topic recently by Gunma Bear.
[Rule] Pass this baton on the title. Write down the name of 5 people whose views on love you would like to know and surprise them.

1. Tell us the type you like in matters of outer appearance.
Well, someone who have a decent look and know how to dress accordingly to the situation. But definitely not those who dress like lalas. Generally, I don't totally just go for outer appearance. My girlfriend doesn't have to be a Miss Universe or Miss World. There are other aspects that are as equally as important as outer appearance. I know most guys will always tell the girls that "guys do not bother much about outer appearance", and girls tend to disagree and doubt this statement, but I guess now she has known that I really mean my words.

2. Tell us the type you like in matters of character and personality.
Generally, someone who is independent, good in decision making, who has a certain level of maturity, knows how to bring herself well. One more thing would be someone who understands me well and ready to give and take. I guess being understanding to each other and tolerance is the two most important aspects in a relationship. A girl who likes to act cute with their so-called kawaii voice like those Japanese girl is definetely not my type and will never come into my consideration. That is why I said I will never get a Japanese girlfriend.

3. Within what age range do you search for a lover.
Age used to be one of the thing I will consider before getting a girlfriend previously, but I find that as long as the two of us can get along well enough, it doesn't really matter much. I know some traditionalist may take it as going against the norm, but it is quite common for younger guys to get a girlfriend who is elder than him nowadays.

4. Do you like a silent or talkative lover?
Previously, I am quite shy with girls. I guess studying in an all-boys school for more than 10 years have played some part in that. But not anymore now I think. Anyway, I would say I can be a silent or a talkative lover, and that depends on the situation. When she is talking, I listen; and vice-versa. Communication plays an important role in a relationship.

5. Which part of the opposite sex are you weak (most attracted) to?
If I mention it out here, then she will be taking advantage of my weakness. So, I will keep my lips tightly closed here =P As for the part I'm attracted to, I would say her concern and caring attitude towards myself. She will notice and pay attention to the smallest details around in my life. And most importantly, she accepts me for who I am =)
DSC01878 copy
My drawing will look like a kindergarten kid's artwork when I compared mine to her artwork. Got this from her before I return to Japan early this year.
6. What do you dislike being done upon you, or said to you by the opposite sex?
Being taken for granted and misusing the trust I had given. These things happen due to misunderstandings and miscommunications and are quite common in any relationship. But I prefer them to happen that often.
7. When you like someone, what type of action or behaviour do you take upon?
Well, try to get along well with her, while dropping hints along the way. Find out about herself, like whether she is still single, what are her interests, stuff like that. If she is showing signs that she likes you too, then you know you are on your right path and it will just be a matter of time before both of you get together.
8. Are you an active or passive lover?
Both. Mostly active nowdays =P
9. Are you the type who prefers to confess or to be confessed?
Well, as a gentlemen, I think it's better for a guy to confess first. The risk of being rejected is always there, but from the information that you have gathered and by the way the two of you are getting along, it won't take a genius to roughly guess whether she is interested in you. If she rejects you, you just either try asking her again after some period of time, or just move on. However, if you get that "yes", then you will be having sleepless nights from that moment onwards.

10. What image do you have of the five person whose views on love you would like to know, whom you will pass this baton?

  • Her ^.^
  • Kok Hong: Gay partner
  • Shi Han: The nicest Ah Long I have ever came across, but I doubt he will have time doing this.
  • Reena: My crazy ka ch'ng
  • You: Whoever who feels like doing this tag. (Please leave a note to me if you are doing it. Thanks)


Anonymous said...

oi.. i'm not your or anyone's gay partner doink....
the gay can't be referred to as happy cos you said partner.

and... ive got no gf... so i no need to do the tag la.. lol

self love...

zhenhui said...

i thought I'M YOUR GAY PARTNER...suak...
we off from now on..
u go find a NEW GAY partner..


calvin said...

@ kok hong:
can't it be happy partner?
anyway, you can still do the tag even if you have not found your girlfriend yet. but i already expected that you are not going to do it, since you are still having your war at the moment.

self love? sounds interesting. tell more la =P

calvin said...

@ zhen hui:
i find it amusing that the two comments i get so far have minimal relations to the topic of this entry. just because of that two words, you are asking for a break-up now? fine, i know you are just waiting for the perfect time to find an excuse for the breaking-up >.<

zhenhui said...

haha...ah blah la...break up la..

but dont forget....

i have sumthing that we filmed back in ppktj...

*hint* paris hilton,pamela anderson,kid rock :)

muahahahahahahaha,lolz :)

Reeny said...

KNS u now i got meme to do. lol
ok, keep your eye out for it, its coming up.. now.

calvin said...

@ zhen hui:
sedih, kerna segala saat-saat kegembiraan, kesedihan dan kerinduan yang sama-sama kita lalui selama ini berakhir dengan satu perpisahan. namun, saya pasrah...

dan kecewa, kerna kini awak cuba mem-black mail saya dengan "video terlampau dua budak taiping" itu, yang kita berdua pernah berjanji suatu ketika dahulu untuk menyimpannya sebagai satu rahsia antara kita berdua sahaja.

hatiku kini hancus berkecai...

calvin said...

@ reena:
i thought you have been ranting to me that you are too free nowadays. so, you should be thankful to me for giving you an ass to do =P

k0k s3n w4i said...

your girlfriend memang damn good at art one. I from last time oso admire her skillz. too bad she draw so little these days. wait she get out of practice..

I'm all for confessing myself, but it can be a real ego boost for the guy to confess instead xD

Oh yeah. Stole your emotes like I said I would :p

calvin said...

@ k0k s3n w4i:
she is busy spending her time hooking up with me nowadays =D

that is why she don't have the time to brush up on her art skills, which made her lamenting on how bad her art is these days, although it looks so good already.

no worries there. you are free to take as much emotes as you like :)