Monday, January 14, 2008


This is the nearest LRT station to my ex-school.
DSC01048 copy
The place where I once started learning how to pronounce every single Japanese characters five days a week, being loaded with tons and tons of homework daily, and of course small tests, big tests and exams on a frequent basis. I've gone through all that at Pusat Pengajian Kajian Teknikal ke Jepun, or more commonly known as PPKTJ for my foundations, before I continued my studies here in Japan.
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I just realised that this is only the first time I took a photo of this board of all the time I spent there.
I paid a visit there when I was back last month. It has been almost one year since I left that place, and certainly there has been changes here and there. The building still remains the same; however, some lecturers left, and newly appointed lecturers filled up the vacancy left by those who had left. Kotake Naoko sensei and Ishikawa Masaomi sensei is no longer there. As for Kojo sensei, he will be ending his two-year contract next March. Kojo sensei might be leaving his local mate, Kodama sensei who hails from the same hometown, Miyazaki but he was joined by another sensei, also from Miyazaki recently.
DSC01041 copy
It looked so quiet because the first year kohai were having their post-exam break.
The first person I saw when I was on my way to the office was Kimura sensei who gave me a surprised look as if she had just seen an UFO flying towards her direction. It was just a typical Japanese character to over-react on something at times. I later went into the office and started having some chats with Itou sensei and Takata sensei. Sato sensei joined the three of us later on. In fact, Sato sensei asked me to follow her into her class for some introduction to my kohai. I didn't make any self-introduction to them, but I just give them a brief and simple talk on what they should be expecting when they start their life in Japan. By the way, I came to know that Sato sensei is expecting her second child. Maybe this time, she will name her son Jebat, if it turns out to be a baby boy.
It was almost noon and I joined the group of kohai for lunch at that economy rice stall outside the university. The price there had slightly gone up. One plate of plain rice with chicken curry and fried vege cost me RM3.60. Nevertheless, it is still a great bargain compared to one simple meal in Japan. I was hoping to see the fresh first year kohai when I was there. However, to my disapointment, they had just finished their exams and was having a one-week break. It effectively splashed away my chance to check out on any girls kohai there whom I could perhaps hook up with.
Hehe. Don't be jealous baby, I still love you =P

DSC01042 copy
I also managed to catch up with Kodama sensei and Kojo sensei. The chat with Kojo sensei was a rather short one. Nevertheless, it was completely a different thing when I started a conversation with Kodama sensei. Everyone in PPKTJ knows how long-winded he is when he is trying to tell you something. He usually tend to run away from the main topic he is talking, even during his Chemistry class.
Anyway, it was from him that I got to know that PPKTJ will be moving to a new site - Yayasan Selangor, about 15-minutes walk from the current site to make way for the construction of a new complex at the old site. That will take into effect when the new semester starts next March. So, if anyone is planning to pay a visit to PPKTJ during the coming spring break, here is a reminder: do not go to UTM anymore or you shall find only a construction site there.
DSC01043 copy
Just one of the countless many couples in PPKTJ
I made sure the local lecturers and staff wasn't left out when I was there. One thing that I realised when I was chatting with Rosyatimah sensei and the office staff, including Pak Ya'akob and Abang Yus was, the way they talk to us, the ex-PPKTJian who had graduated from the course. They take our words more seriously, just like parents who tend to give chance to their grown-up kids to voice out their opinions. As always, Kak Zakiah was ranting away about the students who crop up problems at the hostel. To be fair, I was surprise to be told that there is one particular student, a first year kohai who took a washing machine and a toaster into his room. I am almost certain that this particular guy comes from a wealthy background, who spends most of his day at home on potato couch instructing his maid doing things, or just simply, a spoilt brat.
Lastly but not least, it was a chat with the sensei who gave me the UFO look earlier that morning, Kimura sensei. My initial plan was to spend just a couple of hours at PPKTJ, but at the end of the day, I was there for more than half a day. Well, the rain later that evening actually made me prolonged my stay there for nearly another hour. I later left the place with one thought in my mind.
DSC01045 copy
I must return to PPKTJ again to see my first year girls kohai one day, since I have missed that out on this visit.


ns29 said...

washing machine..
btw,where u mean by 15mins wlak from CURRENT SITE??

`chwk87 said...

i heard the kohai got themselves a router oso.Anyway i duno wan to go bek ppktj or nt during my spring hldy....

tkc said...

i was thinking i can see some new faces lecturers and time we shall go do counseling for the juniors together..tell them no need to come, they will regret deeply..haha

calvin said...

@ ns29:
yes, it was a washing machine. kids these days are making more and more unbelievable acts nowadays.
"current site" refers to "ppktj".

calvin said...

@ chwk87:
this is what you get from future engineers. by the way, since there are quite a numbers of you going back during the spring break, making a convoy to ppktj would not be a bad idea either, right?

calvin said...

@ tkc:
the only new faces that i saw was the lecturers, but as for the kohais, i just saw the second year batch. all same old faces. anyway, i will leave that counselling part to you =P

Amalina said...

id heard from kohai that PPKTJ will be moving to Yayasan Selangor.where it will be eh?一応I wanna go back n visit the kohais.

giler ke ape bawak washing machine??????toster blh la lgi.washing machine.aiy....tu btl2 brat....

calvin said...

@ amalina:
just like i have mentioned it, it is near the national library, about 15-minute walk from ppktj. i don't have the exact way of getting to that place, but perhaps you can find it out from the internet.

unbelievable, isn't it? but that was what really happened. i wasn't surprise that kak zakiah was ranting away when i was in the office that day.

ns29 said... nice..
even nearer to the city..
i thought they are moving to uitm..
then sure will be suffer for that..

amalina said...

そう.no wonder la our kohai always said that the super kohai is なんだったけ。。。teruk?xbaik ngn senpai......heh...mmg nak kena lecture ni...haha...sapa2 bg la lecture k?

calvin said...

@ ns29:
the current site is already near to the city i guess. but i think that the decision of moving to a new site, without having to make use of people's land is a better option.

calvin said...

@ amalina:
i hope that whoever who gives them a lecture will teach them a lesson. otherwise, they will have a real good time when they start their life here in japan. imagine living without senpai here. that would be a tough one to go through.

i suppose this thing happens because of the arrogant attitude of some of the kohai. i may sound like i am stereotyping them, but i guess the majority of these group consists of city kids. if they could afford a washing machine in their hostel rooms, why are they still getting the scholarships in the first place? there are still many elligibles ones who need it more than these group of people.