Sunday, January 6, 2008

6000 Kilometers In 12 Hours

That is almost 140 meters per second.
Finally, the 14-day super-short trip back to Malaysia is over for me. Compared to the journey back home which was a really long one, this time I travelled in not less than four different types of transportation in the fastest possible way available.
Location: Kuala Lumpur International Airport - Departure Hall
Time: 07:55 (local time)
07:37 - Confirming my flight
After reaching KLIA just before eight, I went to settle the check-in procedures at the counters. I was fortunate that my large luggage which consist mainly food, did not exceed the weight limit and managed to get pass the custom checks.
Location: Kuala Lumpur International Airport - Viewing Area

Time: 09:00 (local time)
09:47 - The viewing area
I later went to the viewing area with her to spend some private moments together before my boarding time. It was short, but sweet.
Location: Kuala Lumpur International Airport - Main Building
Time: 10:27 (local time)


10:30 - The main building
I got to the custom counter to have my passport checked and waved the last goodbye to her.The Satellite Building is located in a different building which is connected with an Aerotrain.
10:31 - Passengers lining up for the Aerotrain
It was during the short ride inside the Aerotrain that I realised that there were so many Japanese around me, as if I have reached Japan that time.
10:33 - It was crowded inside the train
If there is an award for the people of a country who camwhore the most, I am very sure that the Japanese would be among the top three, at least.
10:34 - KLIA main building from inside the Aerotrain
It was also this time when I saw her waving to me for the last time from the viewing area in the Main Building.
Location: Kuala Lumpur International Airport - Satellite Building

Time: 10:36 (local time)
10:37 - The satellite building


10:37 - Looking for my way to Gate C24
Christmas has already over by this time, but there was still a long Christmas tree at one corner of the building.
10:37 - Saw a huge Christmas tree along the way
However, that was not what I was looking for. I was looking for the way to Gate C24, the gate which I will board my plane.
10:38 - I was on the right way
Location: Kuala Lumpur International Airport - Boarding Gate
Time: 10:40 (local time)
10:41 - Finally, reached the boarding gates
By this time, I knew the plane I was about to board will consist mostly the Japanese.
10:42 - Long line waiting for the final custom check
Afterall, the majority of them were returning from the year end-new year oversea holiday.


10:44 - The boarding gate had opened
That is also the time when I saw one little girl place her dog soft toy through the x-ray scan, which I somehow find it funny.
10:44 - Passengers putting their things through the x-ray scan
When I was about to hand my boarding pass to the officer, one old Japanese guy in front of me was acting like a lan si guy. The officer was just asking for his air ticket and passport for some confirmation and he stood there mumbling to himself in Japanese, saying that those officers are so troublesome.
10:47 - Handling over the boarding pass to the officer
My advice to him? Act accordingly when you are in people's land lah.


10:48 - My boarding pass
Anyway, I successfully smuggled a bottle of mineral water without the custom officer noticing it. I know no liquids are allowed on board. Was it because they were inefficient enough, or I should have not gone against the regulations?
Location: Kuala Lumpur International Airport - Boarding the aircraft
Time: 10:50 (local time)


10:50 - The status was BOARDING
Very soon afterwards, it was the time to board the plane.
10:50 - All alone
I was almost emotionless when boarding the plane.
10:50 - The aircraft from front and back
I have no idea why is that so.
10:51 - Last few shots before boarding the plane
Location: Kuala Lumpur International Airport - Flight MH70 took off
Time: 11:0 (local time)
The plane was delayed for some fifteen minutes as some passengers have yet to board the plane. At 11.25 am, the plane took off. That is it. Bye bye to Malaysia and I shall be meeting you again one day.
11:28 - The plane hovering over Putrajaya
These are some layers of clouds at different altitudes as the plane flies through the clouds.
11:34 - Putrajaya


11:36 - Mountains


11:38 - Somewhere in Pahang


11:39 - Still in Pahang, I think
Lunch came just at the right time as I hardly had a proper breakfast before I leave the house earlier in the morning.
13:06 - Makan time
It was some chicken in satay sauce with nasi beryiani plus some other side dishes like soba, unagi and fruits.
Location: Narita International Airport - Flight MH70 touched down
Time: 18:58 (local time)
18:52 - That is Honshu

I saw the plane approaching the biggest island in Japan, Honshu island and not very long later, the plane landed at the airport.
19:18 - They hesitated at first, but agreed in the end
I was the last person to get down from the aircraft, as I was taking a photo with the air stewardess - both are Japanese. As for the other two Malaysian air stewardess, they were asking me if I am a Japanese and whether I am studying in Japan. I wonder how could they ever think I have a Japanese look.
Location: Narita International Airport - Arrival Hall
Time: 18:58 (local time)
19:20 - Youkoso Japan
Welcome (back) to Japan, although this is not my first time. I later went through the custom checks before claiming my large luggage. This time, no apple juice fluke happened to me again and my luggage was among the first one to come out from that conveyor belt.
Location: Narita International Airport - Main Building

Time: 19:20 (local time)
19:31 - Another crowded area when claiming the luggages
We barely managed to get into the ticket counter to get our shinkansen tickets as it was going to be closed three minutes later.
20:14 - Taking the Keisei Line down to Ueno in Tokyo
As there is no shinkansen available from the airport, we had to take a train down to Ueno in Tokyo before exchanging to shinkansen.
Location: Ueno Station
Time: 21:30 (local time)
21:32 - One night in Ueno
When I got out from the train station to the shinkansen tracks, I began to feel the chilling weather in Japan. I know it will be even colder when I got back to my place further up north.
21:43 - I took the shinkansen bound for Niigata
It is only my forth time taking a shinkansen, and the first time with my own pocket money.
21:45 - The speed of the shinkansen made this photo blur
All my previous three rides were sponsored by the government and the college.
22:00 - 7,060yen (RM210) was how much it cost
It is fast, even faster when you consider about the price of taking a ride on a shinkansen - more than 7,000yen (RM210) for just a under-2-hour ride.
22:02 - It is not as cosy as you would have think of inside a shinkansen
The only thing I like about shinkansen is the smooth ride and the speed. You can almost never feel the train is moving in such a high speed; and it hardly makes any noise.
Location: Nagaoka Station
Time: 23:28 (local time)
After travelling for more than half a day, I finally reached my place. Lucky thing that one of my senpai fetched us from the station, or else we would have to take a cab to our college - which means we would have to fork out another thousand yen. When I woke up the next morning, it was snow just about everywhere. This time the snow had accumulated from 30 centimeters up to almost 2 meters at some area.
I just cannot wait to build my very own snowman soon =)


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2. pictures aren't allowed in the baggage reclaim area... a girl wanted to take a pic of the custom officer's dog and she was stopped...

3. i'm surprised... you look like terrorist and they still let you bring water

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3. they see me like kuai zai, so they just closed one eye =P

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