Tuesday, December 4, 2007


"Gong Xi Fa Cai"
what Mingrong replied me
when I asked him how was his exam

Anyway, to those who still haven't finished battling for your exams, all the best and ganbatte ne.

I went to a convenience store (they call it conbini in Japan) yesterday evening to settle some payments there after my class. It was cold, so cold that I felt my hands and fingertips were shivering and close to freezing point on my way back. There aren't any bicycles available since last week as I reckon the hostel management had kept them in the store already, considering that winter is coming very soon and it is not advisable to cycle in the snow. So I walked all the way back and although it was just a 10 minutes walk, it felt like a 10 days walk in the chilling condition.

I am not a person who will check every single piece of receipt each time I am back from shopping. But last night I noticed that there were some drawings printed on the receipt I got from the payment at the conbini.


Taken with Sony DSC-T100 on a leather Hard Gay underwear.

When I took a closer look at it, I realised that it is the weather forecast for the next day, which means today at the bottom of the receipt. As you can see, there is a snowman and a cloud there, which indicate that it will be snowing and cloudy today. Yes, after almost two weeks, it has not been snowing and finally, snow will be returning. *happy =D*

One common thing I did when it snowed during those two days was checking the weather forecast website for the next day to see if it will be snowing. I will go on counting the number of snowman each day, and the more snowman I see, the happier I will be. I know it sounds a bit childish but it is actually fun spending some time counting them. It is like counting the number of sheeps when you have a sleepless night. So, after knowing that it is expected to snow again tomorrow, I went to the same site last night to check out how many snowman I will get for today.


(forecast and picture courtesy of Mapion)

Six snowman for today, starting from noon. Not too bad already. And as a bonus, Wednesday is expected to snow as well. Anyway, it is only eight in the morning now and it is snowing already. *double smiles =D*
*Wondering when I will eventually get sick of snow...*


Anonymous said...

dont worry... very soon...

my saitei is lower than your saitei.... my saikou even higher than your saikou....lol

yes... it snows here too... i just heard it from sensei.
but not as hidoi as your place though...

so...... have fun!

calvin said...

@ kh:
i know you got all those sai's - kanasai included as well =P

you already being told that your place will snow and you still returning home. hehe.. no snow for you this time already. but never mind la, you can have a different kind of fun when you are back, right? =D

Anonymous said...

snow... can get in the hills anytime... and i open fridge also got snow...

Eehui said...

lol i started hating snow after i skiied in the snow for 5 hours. the snow flakes just keep going into my nose as I breath and my hair is frozen.

But then again I missed snowing as soon as I got off the mountain =p

Eehui said...

and it's really painful as the snow hit me on my face when it's snowing heavily, especially when i'm on the chairlift =p

calvin said...

@ lasilasi:
you just doubled my eagerness to look forward to skiing later this month. can't wait to throw snowballs at people now =P

but i have already begun to feel the pain when it snows. walking to class on the road covered in layers of snow make my shoe wet all the time -.-ll