Sunday, December 16, 2007

PCK Shopping

PCK may makes you think the title of this entry stands for Phua Chu Kang. But I mean something different. PCK is actually "Pi Cari Kasut". Anyway, there is still some parts that have relations to that contractor from the small kiasu island. Today, I went looking for a pair of boots.
The reason that I am getting a pair of boots is because winter is here, and it will be snowing almost everyday very soon in this part of Japan. When it snows, the pathways will be covered with a layer of accumulated snows, which make it extremely hard for walking. Slippery is one thing, and another one would be the fact that our shoes will get wet very easily.
One thing about the boots in Japan is that they comes in many types of designs and colours, whereas in Malaysia, you will usually only come across those black boots used by farmers and rubber tappers. The various designs of boots that they have here sometimes make a person having some hard time deciding which one to pick from. In fact, they have boots specially tailored for small children with pictures of the cat without a mouth a.k.a Hello Kitty and the rat without a tail a.k.a Mickey Mouse printed of them.
Of course, I did not go for those designs. Instead, I just went for a normal one.
Soon, I will be wearing this to lectures .
If you notice the size of the boots, it is 3L. But that doesn't mean that I am wearing a XXXL sized boots. The size of clothings and shoes in Japan are in centimeters, instead of inches. 3L is around 28-28.5cm. I was actually looking around to see if there were any yellow boots around, but it came to no avail. Anyway, even if I were to wear a yellow boots here, I am quite sure nobody will know anything about PCK, wouldn't they?
Since it was already noon, we thought of having a lunch before heading back to our hostel. I mentioned "we", because I went out with my tutor today. He told me that there is a restaurant serving Chinese cuisine which is located at some blocks away from the station. Apparently, this restaurant specialises on Chinese dishes from the Shichuan province. There is a dish, called 麻婆丼 (Mabadon) which is said to be one of the specialties of this restaurant.
On the menu, it was written that this dish is extremely spicy and it is impossible for people who couldn't take spicy stuff to take this dish. But I was told that this dish is delicious and I thought that it is worth a try, although I can't really take spicy stuff to be honest.
When I took my first taste on it, it wasn't as hot as what that is written on the menu. Well, the Japanese just tend to over-emphasis things at times. This dish consists of rice, with topping of minced meat and tofu. The taste is of course spicy (pepper spicy, not Japanese curry spicy), with some sour feeling in between.
And by the way, back to my boots shopping, there was a lucky dip thing on. So I tried my luck although I know quiet well that it will be almost impossible for me to get those shopping vouchers worth thousands of yens. The method is a bit different where we got to turn a cylindrical shape thing until the small ball inside comes out from a tiny hole. And guess what I got from turning that thing.
At least it is better than nothing.


Reeny said...

buy me a pair of pink boots :D

calvin said...

@ reena:
you wouldn't mind if that pair of pink boots has a picture of a-cat-without-a-mouth printed on it, would you?

mg said...

there's a yellow boots wert, 1970 yen mia. haha.. but really impressive to see many different types of designs on boots.

that snack is spelled as 'corn potage'? lolz.. =)

stevelee67 said...

Malaysia Night 07's malaysian food guarantees wont let u go toilet !!

Reeny said...

in ref to stevelee76... guarantee u wont go toilet? is he implying what im thinking? Like.. as in...*cough* constipation?*cough*..

an erm, preferbly just plain light pink boots. I am no hello kitty fan.HAHAHA.

Reeny said...

oh and that Mabadon dish, looks and sounds like Ma Po Tofu. if u kow that dish. t sems abit mum cooks it for dinner sometimes. its damn nice ^^ see la, u make me hungry now, and im going to beach in BIKINI later =o= u sabo me.haha jokes jokes.XD

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
although that 1,970 yen boots is yellow, it is still somehow different from the genuine version. and i have no idea why they spelled that snack like that >.<

calvin said...

@ stevelee67:
i guess the food this time will be much better compared to the raya a couple of months ago. by the way, hope the malaysian night this year will be a success. all the best in organising it =)

calvin said...

@ reena:
yes, it is constipation.

you may not be a hello kitty fan, but i thought you told me once that you fancy byebye kitty, don't you?

that's the perfect setting for you to head to the beach, isn't it? wearing a bikini and hungry for *ehem* something *ehem* =P

Anonymous said...

i got say i fancy what?? 0_o
dont recall me saying i fancy anything in particular.

and hungry for wat? i dont get the joke lol. =o= btw UPDATE UR BLOG LEH! I alr updated mine with so many pics n everything. but no bikini. so dw haha

calvin said...

@ reena:
it is a blessing in disguise for you not getting the joke. never mind, i will try harder next time.

your trip to the beach will never be complete without photos of yourself in bikini. so, i am still waiting, if you know what i mean here =P

updates? see my mood first. kinda busy nowadays.

Anonymous said...

so I should buy a pair of boots for my Hokaido trip uh???
No time for my PCK shopping ady!!

By the way..
I am not wondering bout the food on 20th..
Just ppl havent start holz..takkan nak ponteng...
Weather so cold..takkan nak aku pakai baju kurung pigi..

calvin said...

@ ns29:
i guess it is advisable for you to get a pair of boots before going there. i am not very sure about the condition there, but i think it should be snowing whole day already by this time in hokkaido.

if you can stand the cold, why not going there with a baju kurung? =P

Crabbed!! said...

Haih.....can see that stevelee is working hard to promote the Malaysian night.
PCK boots...guess I'll be needing those next year...

Anonymous said...

my blog is not ur perving ground ok.:P

calvin said...

@ crapped:
having said that already, people from kansai area like you should support his malaysian night project =)

imagine yourself going to the uni wearing boots =P

calvin said...

@ reena:
then i guess i shall look for a new place since your blog is not considered a perving place =P

alright, i will stick to the fact that we are ka ch'ngs and ka ch'ngs do not do anything incestous ^.-

Eehui said...

but i really enjoyed the mapodon in japan =p i still buy it's mix to cook at home in melbourne hehehe... those boots are really cheap in japan! i bought a snow boots last winter in melb and it costs me aud40 for a crappy one lol

calvin said...

@ lasilasi:
no matter how much it may cost, you still have to get a pair of boots during the winter, especially when it is snowing in your place.