Monday, December 3, 2007


One common thing after the conclusion of every exams will be getting back the results. This is not my first time taking an exam in Japan, and certainly the reaction after getting know the results is much different from previous times, especially the first time. Just like how the exam week went by, there wasn't much urgency reflecting on my results. It is more like, "Oh, okay. I got xxx for this. For that, I got xxx". That's all. Nothing else. I guess I am turning into someone without any feelings soon.
Having said that, I cannot say that I totally didn't bother about the results at all. Careless mistakes is something common in any exams. Being someone could not avoid making careless mistakes, I am trying to minimise them from time to time. This time, as expected, I made some silly mistakes again. The only difference this time is the fact that the silly mistakes have become a little smarter, which means it's less stewpid mistakes compared to last time. They asked us to calculate the area of a circle and I used the diameter of the circle and substituted it straight away into the πr^2 formula, instead of dividing it with two first. At least this time I did not make mistake like the one I did once upon a time.
That was during the Additional Mathematics paper in Form 4. How smart I was that time.
On an unrelated note, it was a break between the lectures this afternoon, when one of the sensei from my faculty pushed open the door of our classroom. Obviously, there is only two possibilities of him coming into our class, since he do not have any class with us this year, except for some lab work. It is either;
  1. He wanted to make some announcement.
  2. He entered to wrong class.
It was the latter. You see, all the classes in the 3rd year are in the 3rd floor, and 4th year classes will be on the 4th floor; and each class of a particular faculty is located in the same corner. For example, mine would be at the end of the block. So, it is common to make such mistake. Even I almost did that by entering into the 2nd year class of Mechanical Engineering some time ago. Fine, he entered to wrong class. But one unusual thing was, even when we told him he was in a wrong class, he still stood there and pushed the door on and off several times, while murmuring to himself.
"Err, wrong class right? I entered to the wrong class, right? Not this class right?"
So we told him he is at the wrong class and we thought he should be going off to the right floor. But it never happened. He walked back, pushed the door open again, and repeat the process mentioned above. I never knew that someone who has a PhD can be that blur. I am not surprise to find out his PhD stands for "Permanent head Damage".
P/S: I have got your postcard this morning, MC. Thanks =)


Anonymous said...

1+1= window :D

calvin said...

@ reena:
so, does that mean:
1-1=broken window?