Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Journey Home

Apologies for the lack of updates for the past couple of weeks. I have been busy settling things before I came back and since I touched down, I have been busy travelling up and down, going all over places. So I shall start with the journey from my place until I the moment I touch down in Kuala Lumpur.
The travelling back home was a long one.
All set and ready.
My flight was on December 22 at 13:30 but I already taken the night train from my place, Nagaoka and travelled for more than 400 kilometers down to Ikebukuro in Tokyo, exchange into the Yamanote Line to Nippori before heading to Narita International Airport with another line.
Ikebukuro Station at 05:03
While waiting in at Nippori Station, I spot something on the wall. Apparently, there was some renovation work under progress at the check-in counters at Narita International Airport but when I took a closer look at the notice, the Japanese made another England spelling error.
The Japanese tried to save space by dropping the letter "e".
It was not long when we finally arrived at the airport. It was 8 degree, just like when I first touched down in Japan early this year.
Narita International Airport at 08:25
However, it was still early in the morning and our luggage which we sent two days earlier had yet to arrive. So I just wandered around the airport. This is a flower arrangement or more commonly known as ikebana in Japanese by the students of Koryuu-Shoutoukai School.
I was travelling with Muazam this time and we decided to have some breakfast to fill our empty stomach. Again, another Janglish flop made in the menu was spotted.
A new way of spelling the word "curry"?
Anyway, I went for unadon which consist of eel in soy sauce with rice. The taste of the eel is exactly like the one they use on sushi. It was not bad and I think it is worth a try at least once.
Even after we had finished our breakfast, it was still early. We actually took turns to walk around the airport as it would be inconvenient to walk along with our hand luggage together. I went to the observatory deck to see one plane after another taking off.
Observatory Deck at 10:40
However, the wind was blowing quite strongly under such cold condition that it was not long before I decided to return to the main hall inside.
Observatory Deck at 10:40
While queuing up for the check-in procedure, we met up with Joceline which we later found out that she will be travelling in the same plane with us. Same plane, but one class above our economy class. She was actually surprised to see me there as she thought only Muazam will be going back.
Flight No. MH71
Before it was time to enter the gate, I managed to grab three McPork from McDonald's outlet to be brought back all the way to Malaysia since our McDonald back home doesn't serve non-halal food. By the way, one McPork cost only 100yen (RM3) which is freaking cheap considering the high living cost in Japan.
McDonald's Narita at 11:48
I know my hair gel will be confiscated when I go through the security check. But I wanted to see how efficient and tight the security was.
Departure Hall
It turned out exactly like my early intuition. Same thing happened to my small packet of apple juice. Instead of handing that juice to the custom officer, I finished it up before proceeding to the next check. Nevertheless, my three McPork survived the security check.
I didn't really have the chance to feel the Christmas atmosphere in Japan before I came back.
Main Building at 12:33
But at least I managed to have a shot with a Christmas tree at the airport before taking the shuttle from the Main Building to the Satellite Building for international flights.
from inside the Shuttle at 12:35
The shuttle here was much more slower compared to the one in KLIA.
from inside the Shuttle at 12:35
Although the shuttle moves so slow, when I was just going to have some shots from inside the shuttle, it had arrived at Terminal 2. We later headed straight to the boarding gate and met up with another senpai from my place, Nagaoka who was in the same flight with three of us as well.
after going through Boarding Gate at 12:41
It was only my second time on the plane but this time, I managed to get a window seat. It was a new experience but I tried my best not to act like a jakun although I just kept on looking outside most of the time.
When I was still a kid, I used to ask people who have been on the plane about how is the feeling like to be on the plane. After being on the plane twice, I can say there are only two interesting yet dangerous part when taking a plane; that is when it takes off and touch down.
somewhere near Taiwan at 17:14
The journey from Narita to Kuala Lumpur was a 7-hour-and-35-minute journey and along the way I had one lunch and one light snack;
Lunch at 15:13
With many cups of fruit juice and three time visiting the toilet. The sunset view from a few thousands feet above the sky was something different from what I had experience before this.
somewhere in South China Sea at 19:41
When the plane was near to touching down, the pilot wished the foreigners "Welcome to Malaysia" and Malaysians, "Selamat Pulang ke Tanah Air". I touched down safely at KLIA at 20:05 and the rest was history.

~ to be continued ~

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