Saturday, December 8, 2007

How Long Will You Wait?

It was supposed to be an outing for some meet up and cultural exchanges with the other Malaysian and some other foreigners at the Civic Centre in my place last night. The person who invited us told us to get ready and he will be coming over to take us there. The time we were told was 7.30 pm. So, we got ready and by 7.30pm all of us were already assembled and just waiting for that guy to get us over there.

Okay, we were late by 5 minutes. The reason I said we were late is that there is a HUGE gap between how the Japanese and we, the Malaysian perceive what being on time is in whatever meetings, appointments or dates. For the Japanese, the latest will usually be 5 minutes before the pre-determined time. As for us, I guess I need not explain any further on our very own Malaysian Time. If you are not late for something, you are not considered a Malaysian. And the most common excuse would be traffic jams, am I right?

Back to the incident last night, we waited for him. After 10 minutes, there were no signs of him coming. So we waited again. And waited. While waiting, we did try to call him, but there was nobody answering the call. We even tried calling the other senpai as well, but they have no idea at all about any meet up last night. I smelled something fishy there. In the end, after waiting for 45 minutes, we finally gave up on our wait and decided to just return to our room. It is actually frustrating, considering the fact that all of us were ready, only to come to know that it came up to nothing.

And later that night, that guy who were suppose to fetch us there called and asked us why were there so many missed call from us. He later informed us that the meeting was not suppose to be last night, and it is actually on next Friday instead. Just exactly like what I have thought earlier. So, who is to be blamed here? I guess I will not blame that guy much, as we have our part to play as well. It is more like a misunderstanding, rather than a "put-airplane" or fang fei ji a.k.a. fong fei kei (ffk) a.k.a. pang puei ki case.
Anyway, while waiting, we had some chat with another foreigner, Hasan who taught me what is Tomi Amake Paalobasho some time ago. We were wondering whether the same thing happen in Bangladesh. Apparently, it is even worse in his place. There was one time, when he went back to his home country for a holiday. Clearly after being in Japan a while, anyone will surely get used to the way of life here. Same thing goes with Hasan.

His friends had promised him to meet up at 9 am. So he went there at 8.30 am. As expected, nobody had arrived yet by that time. He waited and waited and after waiting for some time and there still not a single person there, he gave up and went back. When I asked him what time he waited until he finally decided to go back, his answer really amazed me.

12 pm, which means he waited for them for 3-freaking-long hours! That is just crazy, much more worse than a Malaysian. If you are in the same situation, will you ever wait that long? As for me, unless someone has something important on, the longest I will wait is one hour. When I got to know that he was made to wait for that long, I only had one thing in my mind.

Poor Hasan was "put-a-Jumbo-Jet" by his friends.


mg said...

only to come to know dat it came to ntg. i memorise dy, HAHAHA =P

jumbo jet, lame but funny =)

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
you may have memorised that already, but you don't have to mention it again here actually =P

Horny Ang Moh said...

He! He! Sometime mis-communication do occur. BTW tq for dropping by at my 'horny' site! Have a nice day!

calvin said...

@ hor ny ang moh:
unfortunately, it happened to us when we had gotten ready to have some fun already. i ended up eating only spaghetti in the kitchen -.-ll

cl3m` said...

malaysians are just as bad, i've waited nearly 2 hours before or was it more. can't really remember but :P

calvin said...

@ clem:
i bet that person that you have waited for is a malaysian, isn't it? and by the way, that person who was supposed to take us there was, unsurprisingly, a malaysian.