Friday, December 14, 2007

Calvin's Photoblog

Finally, I am done with it.
It has been some time that I have been considering about setting up a side blog, which I would call it a photoblog. After going through several photo-hosting available, I went for Aminus3 for me to uploads photos which I have captured all this while.
Photos speaks thousands of words. I will cover various categories, from Abstract and Conceptual up to Plants and Nature. This photoblog will showcase photos, which largely came from my travels around Japan. You might be familiar to some of the pictures here as I have posted some of them in my entries before this.
I will try to make it a one-photo-per-day thing, unless I come to the point that I have nothing else to upload anymore. However, I doubt about that happening. The significant of me choosing the date December 2 for my first photo is because it is exactly 8 months after I step down to Japan. And of all the picture I have in my collection, I chose the first shot I took when I touched down in Narita Airport as the first posting.
So, keep clicking away here from now on.


stevelee67 said... are almost like a professional blogger

calvin said...

@ stevelee67:
it is still a long way to go and i still have lots to learn along the way. by the way, i never have the thought of being a professional blogger. i just blog for my own passion =)