Friday, November 2, 2007

Tomi Amake Paalobasho?

When you are in the bus during any trips, there is only two thing you can do. It is either you get into your dreamland or do some other stuff. Doing something else here has a lot of possibilities and options. It can be reading a book or something doing something silly, especially when boredom got over yourself.
That was what exactly happen during my trip to Niigata for the Japanese Culture Workshop recently. There is one foreign student from Bangladesh, Hasan and we were thinking of learning some language from his country.
Guys will always be guys. When we are learning a new language, instead of finding out how to say the common phrase like "Good morning", "How are you" or "Where are you from?" in a different language, we tend to look for some other stuff. Guys, you know what I mean here, no? After had some practice and confident on using it, William tired to confess to Joann.

"Tomi amake paalobasho" simply means "Do you love me?"
"Heh" is YES while "naa" is NO.
I don't have to mention if William succeeded in his attempt. But he seemed to be regretting asking her that. Anyway Joann, next time at least consider a guy carefully before answering them lah.
This is a community service especially to those who are planning to find a Bangla partner.
UPDATED: It seems that I have actually made some minor mistakes in the phrase from the recent comment I got in Youtube. It should be more like "Tumi ki amake Valobasho?" for it to be the question. "Ami tomake Valobashi" will be the answer.


kokhong said...

you didnt warn about the yabainism..

calvin said...

@ kok hong:
haha, paiseh. i totally forgot about the yabai-nism thingy =P

jo said...

woi!!!!so memalukan!!!
consider what??u guys asked me to answer heh or naa in the world would i know what is he asking me??baka..

and btw...dont u dare put up the video of me and the piano so serious!!pls,

you+ your camera=dangerous+embarassing videos!!!

michelleg said...

hahaha!! kesian joann become ur target. lolz.. =P

calvin said...

what baka wor? you should have find out what he was asking you before simply answering him.

since when my camera and i make up a maths formula? anyway, it should be like this:
me + my camera = funny + lovely videos

tanoshimini ne =P

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
and i thought the 'freedom of video' in japan is far more open than in malaysia...

michelleg said...

u + ur camera = funny n lovely videos? HAHAHAHA!! sasuge ss ne..

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
i would love to put that video up, but since i have been warned, i am not going to do that. but it was a funny video. no ss-ism here.