Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Third Ball

This is what I used to have on my table for some time not very long ago.
It doesn't seem to be anything wrong in the photo, does it? I thought so as well. In case you are wondering why I kept a small plate and a pair of chopsticks in my room, they were used when I had some light snack some time ago. They should not be there after I finished using them, but each time I went to the kitchen, I just tend to forget about returning them to the kitchen. As for the three balls; the one with red stripes is I got from the softball ground during a softball match months ago, and as for the white softball and the yellow smiley ball, I got them from my class. And that is how the story of how all those stuffs ended up on my table. The end.
Well, the ending isn't to be like that. Here is the main story about my third ball. As I have mentioned earlier, I placed them on my table, without having any different thoughts about them. Not until one of my senpai came in and when he looked around my table, the first thing he noticed was the three balls and chopsticks and he said to me something like this:
"Fulamak, sex simbol betul la benda ni. Ada sampai tiga bola ker?
Tak cukup, ada hashi (chopsticks) terpacak keluar lagi! Huhuhuhu..."
(Fuiyo, really sex symbol la this thing. Got until three balls arh?
Not enough, got chopsticks sticking out somemore! Huhuhuhu...)
Honestly, for all the time I placed those stuff there, I never let my imagination run so far until thinking that they looked like three balls with a pair of erected chopstick in the middle. But since that night, I make sure there will not be a second person who enters my room and give such a comment anymore. What I did is very simple.
I made my three balls break-up with the erected chopsticks. Break-up is something painful, but that was the only choice I had.


mg said...

how did u break them up?
lolz.. =)

KOKahKOK said...

erected chopstick? chopstick also can erect eh lo! "yellow" la

Anonymous said...

i have a feeling those chopsticks are the same as mine.. dont think yellow... i meant the chopsticks !

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
i returned the plate to the kitchen and kept the three balls on my table. the plate might have broken-up with the balls, but it will never happen to us =)

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
i don't think there is any paper chopsticks that can be bent, right? even there is one, i have never seen it before. that is why i called mine erected chopsticks.

calvin said...

@ kh:
i didn't think yellow until you made me realised it!

Anonymous said...

your third ball is smiling HAHAHA.XD

calvin said...

@ reena:
it is smiling while asking you "how are you?" =P