Thursday, November 22, 2007


"Wah lao eh!!"
My first reaction when
I looked out through the windows this morning
Less than 5 cm thick snow on the bench in the tennis court.
They said it will snow today. But I did not mind much about it, as it was the same thing a couple of days ago which in the end, it didn't snow at all. But this morning, I didn't know what made me woke up so early. That was around 6 something and my roommate told me something like this:
"Eh, lok s'ng la. Wa khao pek kar liao lor"
I am quite sure you must be figuring what language is that. Here is the translation:
"Eh, snowing la. Outside white everything ady lor"
The moment I heard that, I jumped off my bed and take a look outside and the next thing I knew was almost everything was covered in white. The trees, the rooftop, the windscreen of the cars in the parking lot were just covered with snow. Unlike the earthquake incident, I wasn't that blur this time and I immediately opened the window and felt the falling snow flakes. I almost couldn't believe myself that I was experiencing snow that very moment. It is something unusual for me to wake up that early everyday. Not even the seven, I repeat, SEVEN alarms with vibrations I set on my phone every morning have that much effect on me, but the snow this morning just awoken me and my sleepy mood just went off.
I wasn't long before the news spread among the rest of us and we decided to take a walk outside. Yes, walking under the temperature of less than 5 degrees. All went out in complete winter attire. Snow hat, scarf, leather gloves and thick jacket to avoid us being frozen. One thing all of us have in common was the fact that we came from a tropical country and I guess all were not thinking what or how to have fun with snow. So, I started the ball rolling. I got to the nearest car, grab some snow and make it a tennis ball-sized snowball, pressed it as hard as I could and poor Yan Kuang, my roommate became my first victim of the day. The the snowball war begun and all just went crazy throwing each other with snowballs in different sizes and shapes.
For the latecomers, we gave them some surprises. They didn't know about it and we pretend to approach them, with us ready with a few snowballs behind. When we guessed the distance were perfect to launch our attack, then were left shell-shocked for being thrown non-stop with snowballs. The fun of playing with snowballs is much better than water balloons, I can assure you on that. Now I just can't wait for the skiing trip next month. We later went for some skiing. The location wasn't that far from our college. In fact, it was inside the college.
Aki and Muazam, with Yan Kuang in the background.
The tennis court was covered with snow that the usual green looking court had turned white; where we tried to ski there. Each of us was trying to come out with their own snow art there. Notice the word NAGAOKA in the background in the picture below.
I climbed onto a 2 meter platform just to take this shot.
As for me, I made a Smiley face who are good in step-overs. Those four footprints were actually left by our birthday boy, Shah who purposely accidentally step over my Smiley, which eventually turned into a not-that-happy-looking Smiley.
When you have a group of jakun, who never seen snow in their lives before, this is the mess you will get at a tennis court. I just could imagine what the Japanese will say about us if they saw it. I don't dare to even think of it.
I walked to another corner of my college and the village nearby took a total different look. It was just totally different.

April 2007


This morning @ 07:29:16

By the way, it continued snowing periodically throughout the day. Sometimes it was heavy, and it is as fine that you almost won't notice it at times. Snow is just like rain.

April 2007


This morning @ 07:29:20

The only difference is that instead of water falling down at you, you get white fine stuff when it snow. So far, the snow which I have gone through looks like ais kacang, just much finer.
April 2007


This morning @ 07:29:29

Previously, I used to ask my relatives and friends who had experienced snow before about how it feels when it snows. They said you will hate it after some period. Even the Japanese told me it is boring. But as for me, I am touched.
Just for now, though.


kh said...

is that your butt print on the bench?...

and... indeed... your area looks gazillion times more ulu than mine though...

Reena said...

lol at the patterns u all made on the tennis court! and ive nv seen snow before.. so you wait till its my turn one day.. im going to be super sua ku haha.

calvin said...

@ kh:
having seen my butt before, i'm sure you can roughly know whether that is my butt or not =P

that is the village version of my place. i can't help it as my kosen is in the outskirt of nagaoka. next time i show you the town. then, it will cut down the gazillion times comparison between your place and mine =)

calvin said...

are you kidding me now? you never seen snow before in your entire life? it doesn't snow in perth?

by the way, you don't go 'hill tortoise' (sua ku), but you go 'hill pig' (sua tu) instead =P

Reena said...

perth doesnt snow la. australia doesnt snow except for certain high altitude regions. we just get really cold, really wet, really windy.. usually minimum is about 3 deg at night n thats as low as it gets.

Eric Sng said...

wa....cin song le..

calvin said...

@ reena:
thanks for providing the info for your ka c'hng who are sua tu when it comes to australian geography =)

calvin said...

@ eric sng:
snowball war is the most song! =D

Reena said...

ur so welcome. XD
i have an urge to snowball war with u one day hahahaha.

calvin said...

@ reena:
then you'd better start practising from now on. i know you don't have snow there, but you can always use the ice cubes, grind them and make your own snowball to practise with =)

Eric Sng said...

does it hurt??

calvin said...

@ eric sng:
i can't really tell you whether it hurts as i was the one who threw those snowball at people, instead of being thrown. hehe =P

TZ said...

Wow! snow in Nagaoka... Is it the first day of snow in Nagaoka?

Anyway, I missed snow...especially the 1st snow... we had snow fight, followed by making the snow-man :->

Anyway, enjoy the snow before it melt :-p

calvin said...

@ tz:
i can say so, although it snowed a couple of days earlier before that.

i don't have to worry of not having enough snow to play with. afterall, nagaoka has the most snow fall in the whole japan =)