Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Japanese Names

There was one entry when I blog about some vulgar words we are so used to in our daily life, especially among the Ah Bengs and Ah Lians; which will translate into a totally different meaning of Japanese words. Now, try figure some characteristics on an individual in any language and try translating them into Japanese. I got this forwarded email in Malay version.
1. Yang pemarah- Keji Cacimaki
2. Yang tak suka barang mahal- Sato Sukamura
3. Yang bisu- Kita Tadasuara
4. Yang suka makan tosai- Nanachi Hitose
5. Yang suka lagu blues- Apo Nadikato
6. Yang suka belajar- Asiko Ulangkaji
7. Yang kerap bikin ribut- Wakasi Huruhara
8. Yang masih bujang- Matimati Tamokasi
And so, I tried writing those names in kanji. When I translated the names from the kanji characters, I got a new set of different meanings in those names.
1. Keji Cacimaki (毛時 茶粽) - Hair time Tea sweet rice cake
2. Sato Sukamura (砂糖 巣か村)- Sugar Nest or village
3. Kita Tadasuara (北 唯巣新)- North Only nest new
4. Nanachi Hitose (七乳 人背) - Seven milk People's back
5. Apo Nadikato (亜歩 ナヂ下等) - Nitrous step Nadi lower
6. Asiko Ulangkaji (足子 ウラン家事) - Foot child Uranium housework
7. Wakasi Huruhara (沸し 古胎) - Boiling Old mole
8. Matimati Tamokasi (町町 他も貸し) - Town town Others also rent
I tried on my name and see what will come out. And I got 狩る瓶 (Karubin) which means "Hunt bottle". I guess the bottle here refers to the normal water bottle and not the milk bottle babies usually use. Anyway, I still prefer hunting pears, instead of going for a bottle hunt.
Try it on your name and see what you get.
P/S: The Japanese names in kanji characters mentioned above do not exist in truth. I just make up all those names.


mg said...

dunno kanji... =)

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
michelle should be something like this:
Micheru (美チェル) : Beautiful Shell =)

mg said...

hahahah!!!! thankss =)=)

Anonymous said...

in canto, another way to say beautiful shell would be ''dak ko hok'' ... which means.. only the shell is nice.. inside ntg one..

calvin said...

@ kh:
haha, why you kept on targeting michelle? she almost has nowhere else to run away from you already. i guess you should give her a break once in a while =)