Monday, November 19, 2007

It's Snowing

"Issit snowing? Cos I din see any snowman pic in dat website..."

an SMS from her this afternoon
This morning in Hakodate, Hokkaido (picture courtesy of Chang Yuan)
Among the things I am looking forward to before coming to Japan was earthquake, typhoon and snow. I have had my fair share of experienceing earthquake on that day. As winter is just going to begin and as I've mentioned in my previous entry that it will snow starting from last night, it happened as forecasted. It started late evening last night. Living in one of the northern hemisphere country like Japan, it gets dark really early during this time of the year. I was checking out the window just past 6pm as they said it should be snowing by then.
*** the rest of this entry is about a jakun from Bolehland experiencing snow for the first time in his life ***
Nothing could be seen. I didn't know what hit me, but about an hour later I felt like looking out again and this time, there was something different.
m3 w1nd0w @ 19:44
I am not sure what you call this but the moment I saw this, I already got excited and called the others about it. But it didn't continue for long as it stopped for some time after that. Not surprisingly, it was really cold, especially when the wind blows through the window. A couple of hours later, I checked the condition outside again and this time, it was really happening. The snow was getting more and it was falling non-stop.
m3 w1nd0w @ 00:40
It wasn't long before most of the guys in my batch gathered in my room and started looking outside. They came to my room as my room is at the corner-lot of the hostel block and it is easier to look outside, compared to their rooms which are mainly blocked by trees and buildings.
To be honest, I was touched when I saw those snow started falling through my window and I put both of my hands out for some time, ignoring the fact that my hands have to go through the freezing temperature outside. For my 20 years living on this planet, the closest I have gone to spotting snow is through photos. Same applies to everyone in my batch here. Their reaction when realising it is really happening is sometimes too funny, or more to jakun-ism. Take Joann for example. She actually shouted from the room of opposite of my block when she saw it's snowing outside. As for me, I have started practising making ais kacang from the snow balls last night, although it wasn't really successful.
Snow is starting to be visible at the mountain range.
Me, of course didn't stay up through the night looking at the snow. In fact, it didn't snow continously. It is more like a periodical thing. Snow for a few minutes, then it stopped and later it continued again. This morning when I was on my way to my class, I spotted some snow on the windscreen of the cars and although my walk was just less than 3 minutes, I was trying to walk as slow as possible as it was snowing that time. The feeling walking under the falling snow was just undescribable.
When I asked my Japanese tutor whether it is snowing, he said it is more in between sleet and snow. Sleet is 霙 (mizore) in Japanese; a mixture between rain and snow, in case you have no idea what sleet is all about. So I asked him if there is any term to call something in between sleet and snow and he said there is no such thing. I suggested it to be Tanaka mizore. Okay, it is lame.
It continued throughout the afternoon, but then by evening, it had stopped snowing. From the weather forecast I checked, it will not be snowing again for the rest of the week. Perhaps I should wait a little bit more but from what I had been through for the past 18 hours, it was something new and it was really exciting. I can assure you of that.
By the way, I over-heard my tutor telling some of his Japanese friends something about us, the foreign student this morning. I didn't hear it clearly but I expected it to be something like this:
Tutor: Ei, you know arh, last night hor, my tutee came to my room. Then you guess la what happened.
Friend: Dunno wor. You tell la.
Tutor: They damn ulu I tell you. Asked me to look outside.
Friend: Then ler?
Tutor: What else? Kept on shouting SNOW!! SNOW!! SNOW!! -.-ll
So what? We memang jakun ma!


mg said...

why walk slowly? wanna enjoy the snow falling on ur head? lolz.

haha jakun is nothing wrong =P im sure they will be jakun of other things as well. =)

Anonymous said...

you're in niigata and you'll get the most snow compared to the rest of japan. it'll snow so much that you wanna leave by mid winter..

here pulak, morning 2C afternoon 15C...eek!

Anonymous said...

aww hehe! u see snow, i haven't seen one before.

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
yea, it's like that, just like any other first time. but DO NOT serong =P

talking about jakun-sim among the japanese, most of them never heard about the 'twin-penis of mahathir'. sad story, huh?

calvin said...

@ kh:
if you get me a ticket back (without charging me), i will definitely follow you back this december =P

calvin said...

@ zhen:
i also never seen one before, not until yesterday =)