Saturday, November 24, 2007

Humpty Dumpty Can Not Eat

I was in Niigata a few weeks back to settle my re-entry visa application at the Immigration near the airport. The journey there took more than an hour, just to settle the application which lasted less than 5 minutes. Clearly we didn't want to make the trip all the way down to Niigata a waste and so, we went to shop a bit. To be fair, it was someone else who wanted to shop, not me.
Anyway, while going through the gift sections in this shop called The Loft, I came across something unusual. How many times will you see stacks of eggs being placed in this kind of section, instead of the grocery section most of the time. Back to the egg, the size, the colour and the texture looked just similar to the egg I have almost every morning. In case you are wondering why I mentioned about the colour, almost all the egg here in Japan are white and I hardly see anyone selling brown-shelled eggs.
But I was pretty sure it is not the normal egg when I tried reading the instructions. It was something more to decorative item. I don't think I have to explain it any further, as they have already made some illustrations on the box. But I just has one thing that kept me wondering until today.
What are the purpose of these eggs?
I would definitely not hoping to get some eggs that glows in the bathtub together with mine me.


mg said...

looks like some pet egg. after certain days, a pet will hatch from it. nolar, just crapping. =P

Anonymous said...

the underneath of the box says 'FEELINGEGO' - feeling ego ahahah. maybe the eggs make u feel egotistical?

and your 'eggs' can glow arh?! so tok kong meh lol.

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
now i know where that mouse i found not so long ago came from. it hatched from your crappy fairy tale =P

calvin said...

@ reena:
you mean i will feel egotistical because it has more than a pair of eggs in the box?

what tok kong? please do not use singlish on a manglish speaking people like me. thank you very much for your co-orperation =)

Anonymous said...

thats one goOd reason why manglish sucks. XD!

calvin said...

@ reena:
this is not the right channel for you to insult our manglish.

by the way, manglish sucks is an understatement. instead, it should be manglish licks! =D

KOKahKOK said...

haha.....i guess it is an adult toy? hehe....jk la. by the way did you know what is that actually? touch light?

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
just like you said, it is an adult toy =P
(my lame attempt to crack a joke)

to be fair, i guess those eggs are just for decorative purposes. i don't think they can be used as torchlights.

Eehui said...

who the hell will try to eat it =p

they have so many cute stuff ne?

calvin said...

@ lasilasi:
this kind of stuff is quiet common when you are in a country surrounded with kawaii-ism =)