Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How True It Was

This is another thing Japanese students, in my college at least, will do when exams season is here.
I actually saw it first time yesterday but this morning, it was written in more detail than the previous day. It seems that it has became a daily routine for the head-of-the-2nd-floor in my hostel to write all those stuff on the white board every morning.
I will just explain some of those stuff written there. The title was "Today's Fortune Telling" and he listed down all his Japanese friends along with their horoscope. Next to them are circled numbers which represent how many stars each individual get for the day. The bigger the number is, the more stars he will get, which means the luckier he will be for the day, particularly in the exams.
At the bottom left, it was written 「12位の人のラッキーメニュー」: 該当者なし (がいとうしゃなし) which literally means "People with lucky menu of 12 stars: No one is suitable for the requirements". It was also so happened that both of our tutors got only one star. However it wasn't the end of the world for both of them. Advice was attached for both of them which says "Forget about the past failures".
And it summed up with "Overall, the test today is expected to be complicated".
I was hoping it will not be the case when I was on the was to take my only paper of the day - 機械要素 (Mechanical Elements) this morning. But when I got the paper, my first thought was "Die liao this time". The questions were almost nothing near the past-year papers (kakomon) that we have been relying on all this while. To make matter worse, the number of the questions in that paper were so minimal that each of the questions will make them carry around five to ten marks. When I got back to my hostel and saw those writings on the white board again, then I knew the predictions was accurate in the first place afterall.
I am not surprised to find myself failing this paper.


KOKahKOK said...

prediction so chun? hehe...anyway dont worry too much i know that you are a "kiang lang (hokkien)". you sure will cope it easily..sap sap water la! dont worry! hehe

Eehui said...

hahahaha... so cute =p

all the best for your papers!!!

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
unfortunately, it was quite chun. no water to sap already. by the way, what is kiang lang? do you mean kia lang?

calvin said...

@ lasilasi:
there is cuteness factor in their behaviour in some ways at times. and thanks ^.-