Saturday, November 3, 2007

Black "Bird"

For the past few days, the foreign students in my kosen have been busy preparing for the annual kosen festival which starts today. More on that in my later entries.
Anyway, here are some sneak preview of the preparations.
Adeli (King) trying his archery skills on Ayu
Sodo's (left) pose is okay, but as for Zamih, chotto ne...
Some worked a little too hard until they ended up climbing onto the table.
And there is a corner for photography session. It seemed that the wrong person was in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Munusamy Chong bin Abdullah
But that wasn't what the main topic of this entry. Here is actually what had happened. We were doing our final preparations yesterday morning when I was painting a picture of a hornbill along with a few others, including two of my senpai, Adeli (King) and Fong Zyin. The conversation went something like this. By the way, Adeli a.k.a. Munusamy Chong bin Abdullah has quite a dark skin.
Me: Haiz, burung aku ni macam cacat jer...
Fong Zyin was thinking the other meaning of burung, started to laugh and the others laughed as well. Obviously, I knew what was in their mind.
Adeli: Eh, apasal burung engkau putih? Burung enggang bukan hitam ker?
Me: Memang hitam, tapi ni bahagian kepak dia.
Adeli was one of them who laughed the loudest and that made him being shoot back by Fong Zyin.
Fong Zyin: Hitam? Burung enggang mana ada warna hitam. Aku ingat yang hitam tu burung engkau...
Adeli: -__-ll
Get it? She was way more sampat* than anyone else there, including all the guys there.
* sampat: pervert (for this context)