Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Asia Walk

Having as many as 26 foreign students in our college, it easily made us as the technical college with the most number of foreign students throughout Japan. And so, we were asked to made an exhibition on various theme to promote our countries to the Japanese during the College Festival. It was biennial event for the foreign students here and after going through the preparations for several days, it was done eventually.
Here is Hasan, from Bangladesh, who taught us that Tomi Amake Paalobasho thing not very long ago.
And this is Sodo, from Ulan Bator. He told us he rear a lot of goats and sheeps in his home compound back home.
However, it seemed that the two Vietnamese were MIA (missing in action) during this exhibition.
And last but not least, the corner for Indonesia (left) and Malaysia (right).
Besides putting up posters with information of every countries and displaying stuff like the notes and coins, traditional games, attires and handicrafts; we set up a stall to let the visitors have a try air sirap (syrup water). However, it ended up with us drinking most of the water, as expected.
And there was also a corner where the visitors can try on traditional attires from Malaysia.
from left: Aki, Sodo and Ulya.
Apparently, some already knew that baju kurung is for girls, but they still insisted of wearing them.
Wedding of the Year: Take #1
In fact, they took turns trying on the pink baju kurung, which belonged to Joann. Sabar, Joann. Hehe.
Wedding of the Year: Take #2
And I took a picture with the "newly-wed" couple. Actually, both of them are my classmates.
Mak cik Kataoka (pink on the left) and Pak cik Tomi (red on the right)
I could not remember when was the last time I tried a baju Melayu. So, I took the chance to wear it and have a shot with Sodo, even I was in my jeans that time.
The following day, there were representatives from the Rotary Club and we had a special discussion which touched about studying abroad and adapting to a completely new culture.
Apparently, Mr. Masumura who was one of the speakers, represented Japan in ski. I am sure he will be there with us again at the end of this year for the skiing trip.
"I represented Japan before you know. Don't pruay pruay! Asobane asobane ne!"
And this was the representative from the foreign students, Hasan. Among all of us, his Japanese is the best, no doubt about that. But it is quite common for Indian (no racism here) to be fluent even when they speak a foreign language as they are too used to talking in a fast pace with their mother tongue.
"I know I am much more good looking than Shah Rukh Khan"
It followed with a group discussion and later, the final activity was something about matching every pieces of paper, cut from the supermarket flyers which has the name of the country of the products produced; into a huge piece of world map.
As expected, there weren't a single piece of paper that matches Malaysia. Even an isolated country like Greenland has a few matches.


A sad story, I know. No wonder the Japanese think we still live on trees.
It was quite hard to figure out the right way to approach the visitors, who were all Japanese. You see, Japanese tend to hide their real expressions most of the time, even in the worst conditions. As such, some of them came with a serious face while wandering around the exhibition hall. What will you do if you are in such situation? Approach him and start explaining about what was on display, or play the wait-and-see game, whether he will pop out any questions? Trying to approach and talking to them seems to be the best thing to do. But there is always the posibility of them having thoughts something like this:
"Hey, I know la. I don't need you to explain to me. You think I couldn't read myself meh? Can you just let me look around by myself without you following me around? I feel very fan wan jor"
I will have to be frank here. The effort put up didn't equal to the response from the people coming to see the exhibition. Blame it on the poor attendance to the College Festival itself. Or was it because our presentation was just too ordinary and boring. I didn't deny that it was because of the latter. Perhaps we should take a totally different approach in a couple of years time.
Any suggestions out there?


Anonymous said...

the exhibition...mcm very sunyi..

Anonymous said...

the mongolian guy kinda cute. esp with the outfit hehe (: and i think u meant ulan batar. (something liddat. but i know u spelt it wrong)

Anonymous said...

*refering to the second picture.

calvin said...

@ kok hong:
yes, it was. we could almost hear the sound of the mosquitoes lazing around the room.

calvin said...

@ reena:
i could not disagree with you on that, but he is already unavailable at the moment =P

ulan bator is perfectly correct. there is two version. the other one is ulaanbaatar, which you mentioned. here is the link:


mg said...

kesian joann's baju kurung. lolz. :)

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
joann's baju kurung: < RM 100
her facial expression = priceless