Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Reason I Did It

Yes, I know.
Miyajima On-The-Sea Fireworks in Miyajima (picture courtesy of Kok Hong)
It has been a couple of months which has saw my blog filled with entries on my summer trip this year. I admit that sometimes, I do begin to feel that my web log is turning into one of those travelogue you get out there as well. Some might feel that it is interesting, informative and made you longed to be at those places where I've been to. However, I am not surprise that there are some people who might have gotten bored with those kinds of entries.
Night atmosphere in Universal Studio Japan in Osaka
I still consider myself new to the blogsphere. In fact, I just started blogging in February this year. What started as a personal web log to document my life in Japan, now it has turned into a travelogue, for the last two months at least. I do it for a few reasons.
The A-bomb Dome in Hiroshima
One of it will be for my own. I know I will not spend the rest of my life in Japan as I am very sure I will be returning home for good at some time. The time I had spent until now and from now on in Japan will be part of a chapter in my life. My travels around Japan is a journey, an adventure and a valuable experience which I had gained and will treasure them at the later part of my life. By documenting them into a personal web log, I know those moments will still remain.
Pink flower during the trekking in Sandankyo
I know I am one of the lucky ones to be given the chance to study abroad. There is a large bunch of people out there who do not have the opportunity like what I am getting at this moment. It is not easy to travel around a foreign country if you do not have the cash and time. I guess by blogging on my travels, they will be able to see how does the other part of the world looks like.
Same applies to my family, especially my mum. I know she reads my blog occasionally. Okay, maybe not reading them, but at least, she browse through the photos. They may not get the chance to travel around those places I have been, but at least, I have given them a glimpse of my travels.
The train which was heading to Oshamanbe, on the way to Hakodate
From now onwards, there won't be entries on my travels anymore. Having said that, I will be posting entries on the short one-day sort of trips among the foreign students in my place from time to time. It will not be so soon until my next long-break. The earliest will be the winter break for two weeks at the end of December. Perhaps the one I am looking forward to will be the spring break late February next year. As for now, I have not drawn up a plan yet. Going back home will be the obvious choice though.
But you will never know.


Anonymous said...

oh look... my name!! ahaha

mg said...

keep up those nice pics coming. =)

Anonymous said...

The sunset is nice.
At least U had great time during summer holz...
Me a bit regret for not planning for whole summer holz trip.
As u say,winter holz 2 weeks,which is kinda short...
Spring sure go back...Wanna celebrate cny at Msia!!!

calvin said...

@ kok hong:
you took the photo. so, your name is there =)

calvin said...

@ ns29:
overall, i would say my summer holiday was great. planning is a must. but instead of drawing up a detailed itenerary, i much prefer it to be flexible.

you will not feel that you are tied to the plan too much if your planning has flexibility, coz you will never know what you will come across during your travels.

sometimes, you just got to make some changes here and there, according to circumstances.

Anonymous said...

such as sleeping in train station...charging batteries in convenient stored... :P

calvin said...

@ ns29:
that sounds very familiar. hehe =P