Saturday, September 22, 2007

Penalty Miss Of The Season - Calvin's Version

I was browsing through my picture and video files when I came across this video, when I was one of the penalty taker in one of the football match during the sports carnival in PPKTJ. In case you are wondering, PPKTJ is not Parti Polis Kena Tangkap Jakun. PPKTJ is actually the place where I did my preparation course before coming to Japan.
There was an annual sports carnival and one of the game being played is football. I was playing in the central defender position and will only go up the field whenever my team got a corner kick. I don't think have to explain the reason here.
Just Kick Their Ass
I could not remember the details of the game I had, but I guess it was the game for the two losing semifinalists. The game ended 2-2, which took the game into penalty shootout. I wasn't the first taker. I guess I was the second or third taker.

So after placing the ball on the penalty spot, I was ready and start picking my placing for my kick already.

Top Left Corner...

Okay, I admit that actually I wasn't really thinking of placing the ball at either of the top corner of the target. What was in my mind was just "Haiya, just simply whack it la!"

The reason is because when it comes to penalty, I tend to let the ball have some free flight to the nearby garden. But did that happen? Take a look at this video and you will know how it went.

Before you place your comments, I would like to stress here that I have no idea where that scream of my name came from. But I know that was from a girl. If you happen to read this, would you stand up and reveal yourself?

What do you think? I know Beckham has been saying that he felt the ground was shaking when he took THAT penalty against Portugal in Euro 2004. Just some sour grapes, I know. So, I will not be making mine sounds as sour as his.

But my penalty technique is way more stylo than that Beckham, no?


Anonymous said...

did i take the video? i cant remember that.. nor that beckham style taken penalty miss.. hahaha.

mg said...

why only corner kick? i dunno, explain larrr =P

calvin said...

@ legend:
i am not sure who took it, but it must be someone, right?

you could not remember THAT penalty kick? and you call yourself a kaki bola?

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
very simple. just ask yourself, why players like rio ferdinand goes up, while players like michael owen stays away from the six-yard box when there is a corner kick =)

Anonymous said...

sure i remember that beckham's miss, i mean i forgot calvin's miss.. lol

calvin said...

@ legend:
no worries. it better that i am being remembered for the stylo way i took the penalty rather than my miss =P