Sunday, October 14, 2007

Last Stop In Hokkaido - Hakodate

SEPTEMBER 16, 2007
For the final part of our Hokkaido trip, we stopped at Hakodate - the third largest city in the southern part of Hokkaido. The journey from Tomakomai to Hakodate took us almost half of the day.
Since I have already got used to traveling for long hours in the train since the start of my summer trip last month, so there was not much problem along the way. As usual, the train stopped at one station after another.
However, it was not as boring as I thought earlier. Throughout the journey, the train was going along the coastline.
To make thing better, it was shining and the sky was clear blue.
Which means, time to spend my time taking photos from inside the train, rather than sitting there doing nothing. First was a shot of a bird, flying freely in the sky.
I spotted some fishing rods being placed along the beach as well. But there was not anybody there.
Anyway, it was not just beaches and sea. There was paddy fields along the way as well.
The train we were taking was heading to Oshamanbe as the final stop before the train exchange, more commonly known as 乗換 (norikae) here.
It was not our first time stopping at this station as we have already stopped here previously. We were scheduled to wait there for more than an hour before the train exchange.
Since there was a beach about 5-minute-walk from the eki, we decided to take a stroll along the beach. Blue sky. Blue sea water. Everything blue.
Unlike our previous time here, the weather was just perfect.
The sun was shining and clouds were at every inch of the sky.
When we talk about sea, of course the will be the waves lapping the beach.
And more waves. Non-stop.
It has been some time ago since I last played with the sands at any beach. In fact, it was my first time coming to a beach with SANDS so far during my time here in Japan. So, I came up with a masterpiece sand art.
And scribble something on the sand as well.
I was considerate enough to write it in English as well.
I felt some sense of tranquility while spending my time there.
And it happened.

Emo-ing at the beach.
After I was done emo-ing there for some reason, we continued our journey. And again, I came across some interesting stuff.
A little station in Nakanosawa. Notice the wall is painted with pictures of whales and dolphins. It made it looked more like a kindergarten, rather than an station. Its size further confirms my point here.
There was another station. It looked like just another station to me. It has a few platforms.
But when it comes to its name, it was something unusual. The station was called Mori. Mori means forest in Japanese. But all I could see was sea by the station.
There was a mountain which looks kinda different from the mountains you will usually come across.
Wondering what that mountain is? More on that in the next couple of entries.
Finally, we reach Hakodate. Just like in Okayama, we were greeted with balls again. This time, it was even better. Two red balls hanging. One big and one small.


I was wondering, does that mean that the guys in Hakodate have unbalanced size of balls? But I am very sure that mine is definitely not like that. For our time here, we were taken around by Chang Yuan, who is studying at Hakodate Kosen. By the time we reached there, it was getting late. We only will go around the city the next day.
Realising that we still got some time before it got dark, we walked around the surroundings near the station. We went to the Bay Area.
The red blocks of buildings here used to be the warehouse as they were just by the port. But now, they are turned into shops themed around the concept of "Harbour town".
There is a small canal in between the block of building too.
And I saw a trishaw, which reminded me of Malacca and Penang.
We continued walking, until I came across this sign board.
At first glance, I was wondering what the heck UMNO was making election campaign here in Japan. After I took another closer look, only that I realized that it was UNMO, instead of UMNO. If you might be wondering, UNMO stands for United Nations Military Organisation.
Later, we reached a man-made island, called 緑の島 (Midori-no Shima). Green Island, if I were to translate it directly. There were just trees around the rather small-sized island.
We were later asked if we wanted to join the rest of the foreign students from Hakodate Kosen for dinner. We agreed and we had our dinner at a Chinese restaurant. When I opened the menu and someone pointed out that there was wantan mee on the list, I did not have to have second thoughts on what to pick.
However, to my disappointment, it was not like how I thought how a bowl of wantan mee should look like when it was served.
It was no where to the wantan mee I used to have back home. It taste just like a bowl of ramen.
After dinner, we headed back to our hotel. Similar to my trip to Hiroshima, Hakodate has streetcar as well. Some looked pretty cute with pictures of teddy bears on it.
We later went to catch a movie since it was still early. But for once again, I slept for most of the movie. That was already my third time watching movie in Japan and I am yet to get back the cinema stamina I used to have back home.
The cinema was just a few blocks away from our hotel. So we walked back after the movie. But there was just one thing which kept bothering me. It was freaking cold.
When I said cold, I mean really COLD.


Anonymous said...

19 degrees cold meh?
u clearly havent tried 5 degrees in a short skirt before rofl. but then ofc u wont wear a skirt.. u wear shorts for the male equivelant effect. aiyah 19 degrees nothing ok. when u legs cannot move at all then its cold.
and HAHA i laughed out loud when i saw ur emo-ing at the beach HAHAHAHA.damn idiot but funny la.

and wat is with u and balls nowadays. i thought ur blog is G rated? or have we upgraded to PG/M alr? and while we on this topic... birds have KKJ! and just cos urs biger doesnt mean a tiny birds (pardon the pun!) dont have cos theirs is smaller and u cock eye canot see! (cock eye.. COCK eye.. another pun!)

calvin said...

@ reena:
you know what, you have easily became the person who posted the longest comment in my blog so far. so i guess i have to do the same thing to return the favour.

i said 19 degree was cold because during that time, it wasn't even autumn yet. by the way, i have experienced temperature below 10 degree when i first came here early this year.

i guess you had laughed at the wrong picture. i wasn't expecting you to laugh at that emo pic, okay? very funny meh? but at least some damn idiot have made your day, no?

there is nothing to do with upgrade or downgrade here. i am perfectly fine with myself and my balls. maybe you might interpreted it into something else (you know what i mean, don't you?) =P

Anonymous said...

yes very funny.
cant imagine you emo ROFL.

mg said...

those pics from the beach are awesome!! havent walked on a beach for ages. (i used to stay opposite a beach last time, not directly but 5 mins walk. lolz) =)

calvin said...

@ reena:
why you can't imagine me emo-ing? guys cannot emo arh?

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
you don't have to go to beach already la. i don't think you still need it to emo. you already have someone for you to emo everyday liao, no? =P

Eehui said...

yr sart art is fact, quite creative! reminded me of the byakugan's 18 something something in naruto

calvin said...

@ lasilasi:
the sand art was just something random. in fact, it started with just a short line but ended up like that =)