Friday, October 26, 2007

Another Naughty Thought

I cannot deny that since the second half of the semester started, studies had gotten tougher compared to the first. Assignments and reports have slowly made their present felt. Before this, I practically have only one report per month, the most. But now, they have already became a weekly basis.
Nevertheless, at least some of the lessons are more fun to be in nowadays. Remember the thing about elasticity in man the other day? Today, during the last lesson which was 機械要素 (Mechanical Elements), the topic was on Material Strength. By the way, this lesson is conducted by Yoshino sensei - the most crazy, siao, funny and lame sensei I have came across so far in my course. During his first lesson with us several weeks ago, I have not gotten used to his style yet and I did doze off once in a while, but since then, I could not doze off even if I want to.
It will not be once during his lesson that he does not use sound effect and body language while explaining in the class. And I tell you, his sound effect is not bad at all. For example, hammering steel will be "tong teng tang, tong teng tang" to him. One more thing that makes his lesson interesting is that he does not need to use the textbook; and will relate the topic he is explaining with our everyday life stuff.
He was explaining about how aluminium cans are shaped from aluminium plates. He then drew this on the blackboard.
what does this drawing tell you?
The thin piece in the middle is the aluminium plate while the thing at the bottom is the mould and the test tube like thing will be used to push the plate into the mould to shape the can. The moment he finished explaining, one of us started to laughed and it spread to the whole class almost immediately. I knew exactly what they were thinking and I could not stop myself from laughing out as well.
The drawing, together with his sound effect of "Munyuu munyuu" and "Chuut chuut chuut" when the test tube is inserted into the mould just sound so wrong to me. What say you?


Anonymous said...

=.= typical guy to think like this
but i wud also be laughing too.

Eric Sng said...

wow, weird but fun teacher....ur 1 lucky guy..

calvin said...

@ reena:
why would you be laughing? what is in your mind?

calvin said...

@ eric sng:
thanks =)