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鷲羽山ハイランド (Washuzan Highland)

AUGUST 20, 2007
The main reason we came to spend our final part of our trip in Okayama is because we wanted to come to this place - Washuzan Highland. The location of this theme park is in 児島 (Kojima) in 倉敷 (Kurashiki), about 30 minutes of train ride from Okayama city center.
When we arrived, we were greeted by these.
Here We Come
The entrance fee was 2,500yen (RM83) for adults. Just like other theme park, you can ride as much as you can here.
There first ride we took was a Ferris Wheel, called the Rainbow Web. One round of the ride takes 15 minutes. We actually returned to it later that day, after our lunch for the second time.
Rainbow Web
From the top of it, you can actually get the clear view of this small town.
As Kurashiki is just next to the sea, the sea was visible as well.
And also the bridge linking Honshu and Shikoku.
For anyone who fancy some extreme-sport, bungee jump can be done here as well. It cost 1,500yen (RM50) per jump.
Bungee Jump
After the relaxing ride on the Ferris Wheel, we tried something different. The Turbo Tower.
Turbo Tower
It took me more than second thoughts on whether to hop onto this. With the maximum height of 60 meters from ground level, you will be taken up until the top, and stay stationery for a few seconds (we counted and it was 10 seconds). The suspense while waiting to be dropped is the most chi kek throughout the whole ride. And out of no where, POPS!
You will go down all the way, free-falling at around 200km/h, feeling as if you are flying down. I realized that my body (or I should say, my butt) wasn't touching the seat during the drop. So you can imagine the exhilaring speed.
Just like the Rainbow Web, we hop onto this Turbo Tower for the second time after our lunch too. Although it was already our second time, the anticipation while waiting to be dropped was still there. It felt nervy when we were taken up, but after the ride each time, it was kinda addictive to try it again and again.
It was really hot that day, making us to grab some refreshment before continuing to the next ride.


We took the Sky View next. It was like an observatory deck, going around until the top and later down slowly. Here are a few shots taken from the deck.
First is Kurashiki town.
Bungee jump tower and Ferris Wheel.
Turbo Tower.
Chuupii Coaster. (Chuupii is one of the mascot for this theme park. More on that later).
We also took Chuupii Coaster twice. The reason we took it for the second time was because there was this one group of six girls, who took it again straight after they finish that ride, which they screamed all the way. We knew that was our chance to ride with them.
Riding with these kind of people is actually fun. Although it wasn't that extreme, but when you ride with them and hear them scream, that will make you go cuak.
We later took the Ultra Twister.
Ultra Twist
First, you will be turned 90 degree backwards, then stay in that position while being taken up the tower. Then it will be like the normal roller coaster ride up and down.
The main part of this coaster is of course the twister part. You will be taken into a tube-like track, turning around 360 degree a twice. Later, it will be almost the same track, but this time the coaster move backwards.
After finishing that ride, we took a break and have our lunch.
At the same time, there was a Samba performance.

There were a pair of mice - one white (Chuupii) and brown (Neemingu). If you might notice, the mascot they had there looked thin, unlike the normal ones.
Thin Mouse
In the middle of the performance, there was this little kid, who seemed to have lost his way. He looked so blur.


It wasn't just the Brazilians who dance, as those two mice were trying to samba as well.
Of course, when you are talking about samba dancers, you will be expecting something like this.
I would like to stress here that I wasn't so into her. It was just the angle of the shot that make me looked so buaya. Then the whole gang, the dancers, the drummers and the mice came down from the main stage and got along with the audience.
Party Time
The samba dance continued.
And this Brazilian chick just could stop dancing in front of me. So, I decided to take a picture of her.


While enjoying the samba performance, the two mice came.
Say cheese!


Bum Bum
Out of no where, that Brazilian samba dancers appeared and showing off her butt. A few moments later, another one came. Heck! Why am I attracting so many Brazilian chicks?
Shake Shake
And this girl even gave me a new hairdo.
Which turned out to be like this.
Samba Touch
How? How many star would you give? Personally, I will settle with 2.5 moon.
After the experience with these Brazilians chick, we continue our ride. We even took some kiddy ride. First was the Mary Cup. Here is a video I took while we were riding the cup.

And next was the Chain Tower.
There was a ride, called Sky Cycle. It looked like some normal bicycles but we got cycle for the whole track. Anyway, Kok Hong did almost whole of the ride as my legs were just too long and it got stucked everytime I tried cycling.
Too Long
Here is a video during the Sky Cycle.
The last ride we had was the Standing Ride. It was the same track as the Backnanger we took earlier. Backnanger is actually a ride, where it moves backwards. So, you will have no idea at all on how it will twist and turn. It was quiet fun.
It was during this time, when we took the Backnanger for the second time, those Japanese girls had started screaming even when it started to go upwards. They went something like, もう嫌だ。もう嫌だ。(I don't want anymore. I don't want anymore). Perhaps the way I explain here is not as funny as the real thing. But I tell you, they made us laughing throughout the ride.
Back to this Standing Ride, we were the only two person riding it. It was exciting, with two sesat-guy from somewhere on the planet, screaming for the whole ride. Even the workers there looked at us as if we were the two weirdest guy ever to ride on that.
Standing Coaster
Here are two shots after our ride at Standing Ride.
It was getting dark and to make sure we never miss the last bus to Kurashiki Eki, we called it a day, and took one last picture while waiting for the bus to arrived.
In fact, the bus was late for 10 minutes. This might sounds to be something normal in Malaysia, but certainly, it wasn't a normal thing when it comes to public transportation in Japan.
In the bus, we saw the same bridge that we saw from the Ferris Wheel earlier that links Honshu with Shikoku, another main island in Japan.
We were supposed to take the 普通電車 (normal train). But when the train arrived, there was one special coach, called the Green Car.
It was my first time seeing this Green Car, and the interior looked not bad, similar to those bullet trains.
So, this two sesat gaijins pretended not to know that boarding this Green car requires special tickets (which means pay more), went and sit there until some train attendant chase them out. Another typical Malaysian style.
Anyway, the whole coach was almost empty. We were just trying not to waste the air-cond inside the coach. We even have time to camwhore in this train.


While in the train, we were planning on what to say if there is someone who come and check out our tickets. My plan was to say like this.
"Sumimasen. Nihongo wakarimasen; hanasemasen."
While Kok Hong said it will be good enough if we pretended to tell them that we didn't know about it and just walked away. True enough, when we were about half of the journey, someone came for ticket check and we went with Kok Hong's idea.
Never mind. 「旅の恥は掻き捨て」as what Kok Hong said all the time.
We later joined Kok Hong's girl friend, who lent us the bicycles the previous day, to have a dinner together. We had yakiniku for that night.
Well, flame like this isn't the right way to yaki your niku. This is normal though.
During my previous time having yakiniku, I didn't eat them with rice. But this time, it was different.
Niku is done, so it's the makan time.
Okayama was not as big as Hiroshima. Nevertheless, building with neon lights at night can still be spotted.
For our two nights in Okayama, we stayed at Toyoko Inn, sharing a twin room.
It was our final night together. Tomorrow will be the farewell.


kokhong said...

uh... that's Kojima... not Kurashiki..

michelleg said...

u mean the brazilian lady actually messed up ur hair? that's really something..

TZ said...

Dude, what enjoyable holiday you have... the roller coaster was so adventurous... i tried this in US, the standing roller... i got motion sickness after came down from the roller coaster... not a good experience :-(

Calvin said...

@ kok hong:
kojima is in kurashiki ma =)

Calvin said...

@ michelleg:
yes, but i would prefer for the mice to do that to me =P

Calvin said...

@ tz:
i thought it will be a horrifying experience before i hop onto that standing coaster. but after the ride, it was really exciting ^.-