Sunday, September 23, 2007

Taiping's Battalion SK-144054

What do you think does the title above suggest? Army? Soldier? War? If you thought I am talking about all those stuff, then you are dead wrong. Today, I will be introducing my very own set of army.
I here present you Taiping's Battalion SK-144054 a.k.a. my cousins.
Battalion SK-144054
I did not just simply came out with "SK-144054" as it has some meaning in it which I will be revealing it later on. The idea of putting up a post on my cousins just came into my mind as I was looking through my pictures file. So I thought why not I show the world that I have an army as well.
Enough on those crapping. As many of you who might not know it, almost all of my cousins are aged below 12 years old. That makes me almost like their uncle and grandpa as my age is almost twice and even triple their age. It creates an imbalance everytime I mix with them. I will have to be a kid for one day whenever they are around.
Let me start the ball rolling with the most rebellious of all. The famous three - Ken Joo, Wen Joo and Sen Joo. They are my second aunty's son. Yes, all three are boys. That makes my grandma house like a sinking ship come Chinese New Year every year.
Ken Joo
They will go on jumping, shouting, and doing boy stuff all day round that made my grandma ready with her 1-metre-long rotan all the time. But I understand. That is what differentiates a boy and a girl right? You cannot expect a little boy sit down there kuai kuai playing with his Barbie doll or play masak-masak, no?
Wen Joo & Sen Joo
Of the three, the youngest is indeed the most mischievous. As the saying goes, kecil-kecil cili padi. But this one, it is the mixture of all the varieties of chilies you can get. Even though he is only 4-years-old, he can reveal anything that you told him to others. That is the dangerous part. I usually have to think more than thrice before talking to him. When eating outside, instead of his parents ordering for him, he will be the one who will go "roti telur satu", making order for himself.
The next three is my third aunty's children. But luckily this time, it is not a hattrick of boys again. At least there is a girl, Wen Hui. The other two is Wen Hao and Wen Yang. As they stay in Selangor, I do not get to meet them as often as the famous three. Usually it is only during the Chinese New Year that I got to meet them.
Wen Hao, Wen Yang & Wen Hui
I used to bluff (you know, trying to lure babies) the youngest girl with my phone coz she seems to be interested with the vibration. That is the only way I could get near her. Without my phone, she will run away whenever she sees this Godzilla.
Another way will be the cak cak game. Ever heard of that before? It is when you close your face with your palms, then you open one side of you eyes and cak the baby! I think babies like this game very much as it works everytime I cak them.
My fourth aunty has only a little princess - Sonia. They are also not staying in Taiping as they are from Penang. So, I rarely get to see this little girl as well. When she was still a baby, we used to call her "see only but no touch" girl. Just by touching (not even carrying) will make her go crying non-stop. She will stick with her mum 24/7 without fail as if she is glued with gam cap gajah a.k.a. elephant gum.
As she gets older, she started to let me carry and play with her. Nowadays, when she is quiet, you can even hear ants crawling. But when she has warmed up and started her engine, then you will definitely lost for words when talking to her.
She is a multi-language girl as well. The English that she speaks, whoah seh, beats my England anytime la. Although she understands Hokkien, she will never say a single Hokkien word with you. But if you start talking bad and kutuk-ing her, then she will never spare you for once.
Then, I got a cousin who speaks only German and English. Try talking to him in Hokkien or Bahasa Malaysia and he will look at you with a blur face and starting to beh song you. Yup, I got a half ang moh cousin as well - Killian.


Half ang moh because his hair still brown and not red. That is what you got when a Malaysian marries a German. I feel like pinching her cheeks everytime I see this little boy. Cute until can die! Now, I might as well consider taking a Japanese wife.
Killian is quite big sized (not plump) considering that he is just 5-years-old. But nothing surprising as he got German blood in him. But I wonder if he will grow up as tall as me. We shall see in some time in the future.
Calvin & Killian

As I mentioned earlier, I usually find myself in a lost world when I play along with them. I am sure most of your cousins are mostly as the same age as you, right? But here I am, finding myself in the middle of gina kia (kids).
I am not saying I do not like kids, coz they can be fun to play with. But you will not be able to do the same things with the same interest with gina kia compared to someone of your age, will you?
Fun Time
That is why every time, I will be playing games like Merry Go Round, Simon Says, and all other children stuff with them. In the end, I found out that I enjoyed playing them actually. Am I turning into a gina kia again?
I have got other cousins as well, all the way from Taiping up to Perth in Australia but this post is only for those who are under-aged category. So, Reena and co. sorry, yea? But if you like to join this battalion without minding about the criteria of the army, I can put you in this too, anytime!

The SK-144054 actually stands for Simpang and Kamunting which are the houses of my grandmas is located in Taiping; while the numbers 144 and 054 are the house's number.


lonehunter88 said...

wat lar.. got so many cute cousins also wan to complain.. my cousins all bread winning giants d ar.. nobody to play with me at all..

got lar.. niece and nephews got lar.. haha.. but they also always run away from me 1.. the word uncle must be very scary.. >.<

Anonymous said...

eh then liddat you must do a over-aged cousins entry also haha!
and underaged or overaged. i reckon im quite cute too ROFL!
haiyerrr.. i started reading this post thinking down below got one part about me AHAHAHHA. spoil my day only. *pouts*

anw make sure u blog the overaged entry also hor.

TZ said...

I have lots of cousins too... reminds me of my grandparent house. The most happy moment was the Chinese New Year... all my cousins came from various part of Malaysia and we stayed in the same roof... played from morning till night. Lot's of fun.

The only different is i don't have cousin like yours from the united nation (i.e. different part of the country) mine solely from Malaysia :->

mg said...

no wonder ur such a small kid!!!

i have to agree wit that cak cak game. works everytime wit babies.. soo cute...

at least ur close to them. mine i only meet them once a year =/

calvin said...

@ jon:
nobody to play with you? go play with your teddy bear la.

so far, i have no one calling me uncle yet. you are much younger than me, and already have niece and nephews calling you UNCLE! that make you sound so *** =P

calvin said...

@ reena:
i guess you got to wait for some time before i make that over-aged cousins entry.

to be frank, i am not sure whether to put you in the under-aged or over-aged group. you look matured yet immatured =P

i thought i have made an entry specially dedicated for you before this, right? don't worry, that over-aged entry will come soon ^.-

calvin said...

@ tz:
you can start the ball rolling. get a wife from the united nations and soon, you will have the united nations squad just like mine ^.^

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
i just could not help it, could i?

that cak cak game needs skill and not just any ordinary people will be able to lure the babies. i am one of the experienced one =)

Eric Sng said...

hey, i like the part where u say ur cousin is half ang mo coz he has bronw funny...good post anyway...i might as well do some post litdat...just thinking...keke

Reenybob said...

pretty sure im overaged.
i underaged your foot lah.
look whos talking :P

calvin said...

@ ricky:
you got your own sets of united nations cousins also, right? looking forward to your entry =)

calvin said...

@ reena:
you are just PRETTY sure, not VERY sure. there is a HUGE difference there ^.-

Reenybob said...

the 'pretty sure' is sarcastic la haiyoh. @.@