Friday, September 28, 2007

Japan Atomic Energy Agency & Ueno

AUGUST 24, 2007
The third day for this cultural exchange programme was a visit to the Japan Atomic Energy Agency. I would say it was the most boring one during the whole 3 day trip in Mito. But I hope that will not stop you from continue reading this entry. There are interesting stuffs ahead.
We were given a lecture about atomic energy, which I guess I almost didn't get or understand any bit from it. All were conducted in Japanese and you wouldn't expect me to understand those terms in Japanese, would you? Later we were taken around the center and shown how nuclear reactor looks like, the history of the centre and some other stuff.
Overall, I guess I will not be posting any pictures on that as all the pictures were of buildings, buildings and buildings. Except for this one.
After the visit to the center, which was the last activity in the schedule, we bid each other farewell at Mito Eki as all will be returning to their kosens. Instead of going back straight to Nagaoka, I stopped at Ueno Station as the exchange for shikansen (bullet train) was that station.
On my way there, I saw these two little girls was playing chak. Really cute!
But before I walked around Ueno, I went to 新大久保 (Shinokubo) first.
This place is known for the huge number of gaijins. Even when I was walking along the streets there, I hardly heard any Japanese spoken. All I heard was Mandarin, Korean, and some Bangla.
I was told by my senpai some time ago that there is a restaurant called Mahathir here. Out of my curiosity, I tried to locate that restaurant. On my way there, I saw this three women walking down the streets while playing some traditional musical instruments.
Finally, I found what I was looking for.
If you thought that this restaurant is owned by our former Prime Minister, then you are wrong. The chef of that restaurant is Malaysian.
They offers mostly familiar dishes. Laksa Penang, mee rebus, mee kari, etc. However, when I looked at the price, it made me foodsick walked away instantly. Penang Laksa for 1,000yen (RM33). I imagine how many bowls of laksa I can get back home.
Since it was still haven't got dark, I decided to walk around Ueno. This is not my first my coming to Ueno, as I have been here once during the 1-week Golden Week holiday in May this year.
This place can be considered the Japan Petaling Street. Just about everything can be found here. Seafood.

To be frank, I am not very sure what that Paradise is, but since some people #1 have been asking me to post in pictures on daerah lampu merah in Japan (which I don't have), this is the least I could do.
I was heading back to the station, when I spotted a long line. My initial thought was people lining up for toilet. But it was way off my guess. Those people were actually offering cash to "number tail" company. Yes, I do mean 4D numbers.
Ueno Station can be considered quite a big station, with people crowding that area all the time.
I took the shinkansen (bullet train) from Ueno to get back to Nagaoka.
I know that some people #2 had mentioned somewhere that even if we want to stand on the platform at the shinkansen tracks, we got to buy some special tickets. I understand how they are longing to have a closer look at shinkansen and their tracks.
So, here was the shinkansen I took to get back to my place, after a 2-week trip which was fun, exciting, and full of adventures, especially the journey back.
There goes the first part of my summer trip. The next one will be Hokkaido. More updates on that soon.


Eric Sng said...

A laksa cost RM33 in Japan??!! that dun wanna go Japan study liaw...I kuching, laksa only RM3.50.....

Btw, i like the bullet train

Anonymous said...

that paradise thing is pachinko ler...

calvin said...

@ ricky:
wait till you know how much a plate of roti naan cost!

KOKahKOK said...

omg rm 33 per bowl of laksa! kill me pls if i eat! haha.....if in pg you can get 11 bowls.... haha... mahathir selling expensive malaysian food!

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
i guess you're still not used to the price of food in japan. when you consider the standard of living here, you won't feel it is that expensive already. next time i go penang, you belanja me laksa la. don't worry, i won't ask you to belanja me until 11 bowls of laksa =P

by the way, mahathir is just the name of the restaurant. the owner/chef of the restaurant is actually a malaysian chinese. but halal food are available there.