Friday, August 10, 2007

Summer Trip

For those of you who frequent my blog, you might notice that even during my exams period, I still update my blog. Unfortunately, that will not be happening this time around. No, I'm not having any exams again. But I will be off for my summer trip starting today.
My summer trip is kind of a continuous trip as I will be joining a few different companies along the way while traveling around Japan from the south in Hiroshima all the way to Hokkaido in the north.
I will not be giving too many details on my trip as I will only be blogging about that when I'm back to my place. But my rough schedule will be as follows:
Aug 10-13 Kyoto-Kobe-Osaka (Universal Studio Japan)
Aug 14-19 Hiroshima (Atomic Dome, for sure)
Aug 20-21 Okayama (sit rollercoaster, according to Kok Hong)
Aug 24-26 Ibaraki (Cultural Exchange Programme)
Aug 31 Tokyo (Merdeka in Malaysian Embassay)
Sept 9-19 Hokkaido (zoo!)
Those in brackets are just among the places we should be going. But having said that, when you travel with all guys, we tend to do last minute plans. So we shall see we if we will be able to go to those places.
My blog will going to be like a deserted area for some time. But I hope you guys will keep it alive until I'm back. If I'm lucky enough to be able to online during my trip, I will make some short updates though.
Till then, off I go to Tokyo Eki today!


dodo said...

wow man! u'll be away for a month huh? How nice! Summer trip for a month. i have never experienced such a long vaca. u keng ar! Do bring some souvenirs back for us k. Ha-ha!

nway, u have fun yah! By the time, u're back from ur trip, guess its my time to vanish d. Exam man! ugh!!!

Calvin said...

@ dodo:
haha, exams again? relax la, i exam also still didn't vanish myself. anyway, good luck for your exams (in advance) and ganbatte ne ^.^

i will be back with souvenirs and of course, tons of pictures ^.-

TZ said...

Hey buddy, enjoy your holiday eh!... take more picture and share with us eh! ... :-)

Calvin said...

@ tz:
thanks. i'm sure to enjoy myself to the max after going through weeks of exams :)

and of course, taking tons of pictures throughout my trips and posting them up later on.