Friday, August 10, 2007

Plan Your Trip Properly

For the first part of my trip, I actually don't have a proper plan. It was rather kind of bidan terjun trip. More on that later on. But even before I have actually came out from my hostel to head to the train station, I have been put on standby mode for a few hours, waiting for confirmation from Yan Kuang and the rest whether I will be going down to Kyoto on that night itself.
In the end, I decided to go down to Tokyo afterall. Since I was rushing to the eki, I just went there without taking my lunch. I just got myself two pizza kind of bread and one box of yaki tori.
Yaki tori is actually a Japanese version of satay. There are three types of yaki tori inside. Kawa (skin), negi (onion) and momo (no idea what is that). Not bad for something which cost RM1 per stick.
Along the way, I was so sleepy that I almost missed coming down from the train when we need to change trains. When you are sleepy, you usually feel sien. So, to avoid myself from getting into extreme level of sien-ness, I figured out a few activities for myself.
First, I took out my camera and began to look outside. All I saw was just paddy field.
Never mind. Paddy field is still something, right?
Then when the train stopped, I took pictures again.
Next, after appreciating almost getting my eyes green-ed by those green scenery, I turned my attention to the interior of the train itself. But it was just some old train.
Instead of wasting my blog space with those kind of pics, I thought it will be much better to take a picture of a guy who was under the sien and SS condition.
Back to reality. Well, throughout this trip, I will be using this ticket which they called it Seishun 18 Kippu. I have no idea why they must put the figure 18 there.
Does that mean only those above 18 years old can use it?
By using this ticket which cost 11500yen (RM350), we can use it for unlimited times for 5 days. Not bad, especially when you are travelling in long distance during your trips around Japan.
After travelling for almost 6 hours in the train, I reached Shinjuku Eki. I later took another train to Tokyo Eki and waited for the rest to meet up with them.
All was still fine, until I found out that my phone battery was dying. That would be the last thing I will hope for at that time. To make matters worse, my friends or should I label them three jokers, took the wrong train to Tokyo Eki. That made me waited for them with my battery-less phone. Die!
How am I going to contact them when they reached there? Having no other choice, I tried asking one of the kiosk there. That woman said sorry as it is considered a robbery (I just quote her) to charge my battery from her shop. Robbery? What the frog?!
The next alternative, I asked another shop. This time, I was lucky enough as she allowed me to charge my phone. After all those fuss, the four of us finally met up. The story didn't end there. Next was the tickets to Kyoto. Yes, you guessed it right. Those tickets were sold out already by that time. Die! (again).
So, one after another suggestions came out. Movies, karaoke and a few others. But we ended up walking. And walking. And continued walking until we reached Ginza. We had a dinner or supper in McDonalds.


The next thing to decide is accommodation for the night. Teong Rong must have an eagle eye as he spotted a manga shop. The name of the shop is 喫茶コムコム (Kissa Komu Komu). I think that Komu Komu means Come Come. Kinda weird or funny, depending on how you see it.
The initial purpose was to overnight and get some rest before we continue our journey early tomorrow morning. But in the end, since they provide us with internet service as well, I ended up chatting on MSN and blogging about this for the whole night.
I guess that's all for today. I'm not sure when will be the next time I will be able to update my blog again. Leaving for Kyoto at 5am later. Chaoz...
Lesson of the Day: At least plan your trip A BIT even though you are lazy to do it.


mayc said...

momo is peach. enjoy ur trip!

lonehunter88 said...

wow.. yakitori.. strict diet konon.. lol

Anonymous said...

Why did the fillet-o-fish looked like something from Madame Tussauds?

mrbherng said...

Why did the fillet-o-fish looked like something from Madame Tussauds?

Calvin said...

@ mayc:
but i wonder if they used peach for my yaki tori.

Calvin said...

@ lonehunter88:
just for once in a while ma. but my strict diet is still on :P

Calvin said...

@ mrbherng:
believe me, that is a real fillet o'fish! but i do agree with you that it looks a bit fake ^.-