Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My Must-Eat-Food List When I'm Back

I've started suffering one kind of sickness even when I was only 1 month in Japan. Not homesick. Neither is morning sickness. Instead, it's food sick. Everyday eating ramen, udon, soba, tempura will surely make you long for food like roti canai, nasi lemak, wantan mee and the tarik.
this is what I’ve been eating everyday for more than 4 months
And to add to the misery, whenever I call back, my mum and sister will go on talking about what they ate for dinner.
"Ei gor gor, you want to know what I eating now bo? Durian ler. So phang (smells good). Hehe, want try bo?"
Damn sial. Already know I won't be able to even smell it, yet to have a taste on it, she still can ask me like that. But luckily, usually my mum's word will save my day.
"Now we on the way to pasar malam. Oh yea, mummy cooked lor mai fan for dinner tonight. Wait la, when you come back, I cook nice nice for you okay?"
At least, it has cured my sickness partially. But as these things happen too often enough already, now whenever I'm told like that, there weren't any effects on me already. I'm immune enough to just ignore all those nowadays. Even though my sister still try her best to make me drool like Niagara Falls, but when she realised that it only falls on deaf ear everytime, she has begun to get fed-up with it already.
Now, I've began to learn to appreciate the food we have back in Malaysia. As the saying goes, we will only realise the significance of something only after we had lost it. How true it was.
So here, I'm listing down all the food that I will for sure to get a taste on them when I'm back next year. I hope there's at least a person who is willing to treat me on each of food listed below. Please leave your name and name the food in the comment's box. I will reserved that particular food under your name. I'll be more than happy if you are willing to belanja me more than one food.
Here's the list of my must-eat-food (not in any order). I will keep on updating this entry until I'm back to Malaysia. So, you can still leave your name anytime.
  1. Wantan mee (dry)
  2. Wantan mee (soup)
  3. Cendol (Penang cendol if possible)
  4. Bak zhang
  5. Roti canai
  6. Tosai
  7. Chapati
  8. Putu mayang
  9. Putu piring
  10. Chicken rice
  11. Duck rice
  12. Laksa
  13. Laksa (Siamese): Mummy
  14. Satay
  15. Satay celup: Calvinsenpai
  16. Lok lok
  17. Mee rebus
  18. Nasi kerabu: Grandma
  19. Chocolate cake: Aunty
  20. Hiau pia
  21. Hokkien mee
  22. Lobak (not carrots)
  23. Nyonya kuih
  24. Char koey teow (tua pan)
  25. Char kueh kark
  26. Fried bee hoon
  27. Fried rice
  28. Steamboat
  29. Popiah
  30. Wa tan hor
  31. Dim sum
  32. Mai kai
  33. Oo chien
  34. Nasi lemak
  35. Cha siu fan
  36. Roti tisu
  37. Yu char kuei
  38. Chap fan (a bit low class, but I can't get this in Japan)
  39. Nasi kandar
  40. Chee cheong fan
  41. Claypot rice
  42. Chicken rice ball: Calvinsenpai
  43. Satay
  44. Kolo mee: Dodo (you promised me before)
  45. Durian
  46. Watermelon
  47. Papaya
  48. Durian cendol: Calvinsenpai
  49. Spaghetti: Wai Wai

For those names in bold, sorry, you can't escape. I've placed my orders already. So, just be prepared!

UPDATE: Okay, I got a complain from the person who hold the copyright for this post. As you can see in the comment box, Calvinsenpai has revealed that I've plagiarised his work. I admit that the idea of making this entry was from this entry.

But I'm sure that you will give me a break. You also know very well how it feels to miss all those food in Malaysia, right?


Innocent^^Guy said...


Calvin said...

@ calvinsenpai:
you better sit there quietly and start figuring out which stalls that you're going to take me eat satay celup and chicken rice ball! :P

dodo said...

kolo mee?? when did i promise u for that free meal? did i?? where's the proof dude? i thought i juz promised u to try the durians at my house wor. u amnesia arent u? seems so blur geh.

i think calkia owe u the durian cendol. i heard that its the famous of all in malacca ler. think he shd buy u that. hehe..

Calvin said...

@ dodo:
you got tell me once that there's this place in kl that serves kolo mee which is not bad. if i really can't get myself all the way to sarawak, then the one in kl will be good enough :)

i've added durian cendol to my list already. sorry calvin, i was recommended to try that. so that's the third under your name :P

michelleg said...

exactly!! copy someone only!! =P

but how fortunate for me and unfortunate for you that i won't be around to treat u when ur back. muahaha!!

Calvin said...

@ michelleg:
i know already. no need you to mention that again -.-

i will make sure i'll be back before you leave so that you'll have no choice but to treat me! :P

-waiwai- said...

haha... cal...
u din put spagetti in... so i am out of the list...
so many things u wanna eat... can finish all meh??

Calvin said...

@ waiwai:
ohh, yea hor! since you have mentioned it, i've added spaghetti with your name to the list already ^.^

where got a lot? if i eat 2 types in one day, i will finish all of them not even in 30 days.

michelleg said...

if u eat 3 types a day, even faster rite??

when wanna balik? haha..

Calvin said...

@ michelleg:
since you said like that, then i will make you treat me for the third type everyday, can? :P

michelleg said...

well, u still can't cos ur living how many miles away from my place =P muahahaha!!!!

Calvin said...

@ michelleg:
i will make that possible ^.^

TZ said...

Calvin, when are you coming back to KL? I gotta know a nice kolo mee in Ampang area... My gym buddy Musa happen to bring me there. I don't mind bringing you to makan Kolo Mee :->

Calvin said...

@ tz:
i still couldn't confirm when i'll be back to malaysia, but most probably it will be either during this winter or next spring.

i will be looking forward to eating that kolo mee. i've put your name there :P

thanks ^.^

-waiwai- said...

eh hello... cal...
u cannot get spagetti in japan meh... y u put my name in...

Calvin said...

@ waiwai:
it's because i can't find spaghetti cooked by waiwai in japan ma. i'm sure you don't mind to cook for me, right? :P