Monday, August 27, 2007

I Am Back!

After finishing the first leg of my summer trip, I came back late to my hostel on Friday night. It was so tiring but I still went online that night. The next morning, when I thought of updating my blog, came the most tulan news. The server was down and I went through the next 48 hours without an internet connection.
To make matters worse, there was only 4 of us, all Malaysians in this hostel and it was weekends where we couldn't enquire about the internet thing from the office. I was close to going insane but luckily, I still got a few people to crap with to keep me normal.
This morning, I woke up much earlier compared to the previous two mornings when I only wake up after noon. The first thing I did was dashed to the office, without even brushing my teeth nor washing my face. That person in charge tried calling a few other people but it was still early. Nobody replied the call.
She later called my room and said for today, they couldn't fix the problem. Another 24 hours of suffering I thought. Sigh.
Some time later, I got another call. I was hoping that this time, it will be the good news.
And yes, indeed it was. I tried to online and at last, I was connected to civilisation. I dashed to the office again to thank her and here I am back to the world wide web from my room.
I know there has been a lot of people asking me to update my blog after I left it untouched for almost 2 weeks. This is a record as I had been doing daily updates before this.
I know you guys must be bored seeing my hairstyle post for so long already until it made 'some people' went tulan. So for the next lot of entries, be prepared to see tons of craps and pictures from my 2-week-long trip.
Here we go!

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