Monday, August 6, 2007

Hachimitsu, I Shrinked The Teacup

I was called to the office last week to take something. They informed us that it is something from Sado. I know it was going to reach us sooner or later.
When I went to take that stuff, what I saw was just a box like this.
Seriously, I almost forgot about making a yunomi (teacup) during my Sado trip early last month. If you had seen what I did during that time, then I guess you will get what I am trying to say here.
Just take a look at my ever-so-cacat-ed yunomi.
I admit mine was among the most frequently teased yunomi that time. They were saying my yunomi is so big, short and wide. Okay fine. I didn't disagree on that but I guess I did pretty well on my first try with these geli stuff.
When I opened my box, I was just shocked!
It looked nothing near to the initial yunomi which I last saw before we left the factory. The size had actually shrinked. It shrinked almost into two thirds from its initial size. They did tell us that these yunomi will shrink when they are placed inside the fire. But I never thought it will turn out so differently.
The shape of my yunomi was so nice that I was beginning to SS that time. Even the rest were saying mine look so nice. My Japanese language lecturer even told me that mine look different from the rest. Not different from the rest as in abnormal though.
She said mine is like the ones the Japanese use during the tea ceremony. Talking about that ceremony, I'm not very sure about the detail of the tea ceremony, but I do know that they tend to turn the cups a few rounds before drinking it.
Okay, enough of my SS-ing session before you guys begin to puke after hearing me doing the enter-the-basket-and-carry-it-myself activity. By the way, to make sure that my teacup will not look like just another teacup from some stores, there's actually a carving of my name on it.
To be honest, I was surprised with myself as well. I never thought I could actually come out with such a product and shrinked the teacup like that.


michelleg said...

so chiisai and kawaii!!! hehe...

Calvin said...

@ michelleg:
just like you ^.^

dodo said...

hey japjap. u should have carved ur name there on the cup. now it seems like one u've juz bought from stores. but well, it does look good to me. nice wor.

a lil plain. eh..hehe..mind me to conteng a lil corak on it?? probably will draw a TOKI on it hoh? not a bad idea rite? hehe. think about it.

bring it bck to msia, n i'll conteng it for u. hehe.

Calvin said...

@ dodo:
there's actually a carving of my name at the bottom of that teacup. i've just updated on that in the entry.

you mad ar? i do that teacup so susah payah and now you want to conteng it with your half-passed drawing? i won't simply let any toki come and tumpang on my yunomi! :P