Wednesday, August 15, 2007

8 (10+1) Different Hairstyles

*This is one of my prewritten post and I've asked a friend to help me post it up. I'm now at Hiroshima with no internet connection ^.^*
I got tagged by June some time ago. But since I was kinda lazy busy for the past few weeks, I just left it aside until I finally find some time to do this tag. The task sounds easy, yet hard. Do you expect guys to have so many hairstyles? For girls, it's a completely different thing.

But I still take up the challenge. After going through my tons of picture folders, I finally managed to come out with 8 different hairstyle.

Instead of just 8, I'll be showing you 10 different hairstyles.

Warning: The content below could be funny, shocking, terrible, horrible and vegetable, depending on how you take it. It is advisable that you take some light exercise before you continue scrolling down. Otherwise, it is advisable to prepare a puke bag beforehand, just in case you puke!

#1: National Service (NS) in Gopeng (December 2004)
Lucky or unlucky to be selected for NS? I would say the former. When we were there only for the first week, our hair was shaven. It was my first time got shaved. Luckily they didn't shave it clean completely like how people shave sheeps.
#2: Post National Service (March 2005)
After getting our SPM results, we went to have some celebrations. By this time, my hair is still damn short, but compared to what I had during the camp, this can be considered long already. This was three weeks after we had our last shave.
#3: Belah Tengah ala Aaron Carter (October 2005)
I used to have this belah tengah hairstyle for some time before this. This was during the Deepavali in Guna’s place. But until now, I just couldn't believe why I used this hairstyle for so such a long period that time.
#4: Chicken style (March 2006)
We were in Redang during our year end trip in March 2006. I had my personal SS camwhore session inside the chalet. Since my hair was still wet, I tried something new - chicken-style hair. But as you can see, the top part a bit cacat.
#5: Chicken style 2 (July 2006)
A group of us from PPKTJ participated in the dance performers during the Bon Odori in Shah Alam. As we got to tie this red ribbon around our head, so I got no choice but to reuse the chicken-style hair, which was better compared to the Redang one.
#6: Freestyle spike (October 2006)
My hair was like this for quite some time. It was kinda easy to manage as I just got to apply some gel and simply style it in less than a minute. But it sometimes can take up to ten minutes.
#7: Short and simple (February 2007)
This must be one of my favourite. Short and simple to manage, yet it looks good to me. Just my opinion though. What do you think? By the way, this was during our annual dinner with Sato sensei. I must say she is a funny person.
#8: Wet and spiky (February 2007)
I just arrived from KL when I took this one. I was coming back to phai thi kong (9th night of CNY) and only reached home after midnight. But I still managed to take a express shower and chik kim (fold gold). And my hair was still wet and spiky.
#9: Long hair (July 2007)
I know my hair cannot be considered long, but I guess this is the longest hair I've ever kept so far. The last time I actually had my haircut was before I came here. That was 4 months ago! As a comparison, this was taken when I just arrived in Tokyo early April this year.
If you notice, in all the pictures above, my hair colour was black. That's because I've NEVER dyed my hair before. Not even once. But just a couple of days ago, I actually dyed my hair with a new haircut as well.

#10: Japanese hair? (August 2007)
A Japanese style haircut? You decide.
By the way, there was one time when I had some hair problem. It happened after I got dengue fever in March 2006 and was admitted in the hospital for 1 long week. I even missed the opening match of the World Cup that time.

Anyway, after few weeks I was discharged, I started sensing that my hair was falling. It got so bad that at one point, the skin of my head was clearly visible. Here's two pictures of how serious it was.
I guess it was the aftereffect of the medicine I consumed everyday for one whole week in the hospital. But after applying some hair tonic, my hair was back to normal.

As the final hairstyle, let me present the best hairsyle I ever had in my life.

#11: Baby Hairstyle (April 1992)

Which of the 11 hairstyle you think is the best? My pick will be the final one ^.^


TZ said...

Of so many hair style... which one is your favor?

I like the baby hairstyle... you looked cute. :-)

calvin said...

@ tz:
i think i like the baby hairsyle the most as well. thanks ^.^

Innocent^^Guy said...

eh y from NS so fat bcome so thin already wan? tak cukup makan ah?

mg said...

HahHahAhaah!!! good one calvinsenpai!!!!!

Anonymous said...

handsum la handsum lah......

Anonymous said...

handsum la handsum lah......

calvin said...

@ calvinsenpai:
yalor, we everyday ate rice and soya sauce only that time. but on some luckier days, we get to eat ubi kayu rebus la.

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
you laugh what har??!!

calvin said...

@ reena:
sure or not? like got forced to post that comments only! haha :P

Anonymous said...

Hey hey .. Like i said.. the 4th n 5th pics are the same. U had the same hairstyle lah. And for the 6th, 7th, and 8th = same again~ .. Haha.. dats all for this entry yah.. Time to sampat end here k. Hehe.. ciao~

calvin said...

@ dodo:
that is not called sampat. that is considered giving maths lesson :P

Eehui said...

i like free style spike!!

calvin said...

@ lasilasi:
that is one of the simplest and yet nice hairstyle ^.^

KOKahKOK said...

japanese hair style ngam u....the rest current look is enuf! haha japanese girls will like i guess!

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
japanese girls see japanese hairstyle everyday liao. i think some would like to try something different. durian spike perhaps? =P