Saturday, July 14, 2007

When A Malaysian Duck Talks To A Japanese Chick

"Why don't you find a Japanese ger flen?"
That's among the FAQ I get from most of my friends, even my relatives! I don't know why, but I just not into them. Maybe because here at my college, the girls is one of the endangered species.
Yes, true. In fact, there's only one girl in my class. A short one. No height discrimination here. I'm not trying to ejek that fella la, but it's true, she's really damn short. We call her chameleons coz she changes the colour of her hair almost everyday. As if there's a timetable for her. Monday black, Tuesday blonde, Wednesday brown, Thursday silver, Friday pink, Saturday and Sunday I don't know la coz she's almost invisible. Okay, I admit the colours of the latter I tokok tambah myself.
In my class, she can be describe like this: "Ada ka, tarak ka, tarak beza saja". Get what I mean? And the fact that she sits in the last row just sums up everything. But recently, she get herself in the front row already.
My friends used to asked me, ''If if you guys don't talk to her, she talk with who wor then?''
I just answered them, ''Dunno with her la. Talk with the wall kua.''
Kesihan that chameleon. But if I kesihan her, who's going to kesihan me? Came here so long already also still haven't manage to hook up with a single Japanese girl. But didn't I've mention earlier that Japanese chicks are just a no-no to me? Perhaps I prefer satay more to sushi.
I know what I've crapped above got nothing to do with the title. But actually got a bit la. Just a bit as a warm-up session. Back to the topic I'm trying to talk about, have you guys ever imagine how if a Malaysian talks with a Japanese?
The Malaysian I'm talking about is not like those who studied Japanese before. This one is totally blank and don't know any Japanese, not even Arigatou. And also doesn't watch anime nor read manga. As for the Japanese, just imagine a pure Japanese, who knows just a language and that's Japanese and if tries to talk English, they will reply you England. A gone-case type.
Lets say this two humans meet, what do you think will happen? Simple. Have you ever seen a duck talks (or rather quacks) to a chicken? I know you've never seen that, right? Anyway, just imagine that. That Malaysian punya Japanese is kantoi case, and the Japanese punya ang moh is broke. So I guess this is what will happen.
Malaysian: Kuek kuek keuk, kuek kuek kuek kuek?
Japanese: Chick? Chick chick chick chick!
Malaysian: Kuueek kuueek kuueek??
Japanese: Chick??!!
Malaysian: #&*%#!@*
Translation, in case you don't understand duck and chicken language, which I hope you don't, unless there are any duck or chicken who reads my blog!
Malaysian: Hai macha! Saya Muthu. Lu mana mari?
Japanese: 何?分からないんです!(Hamik? I don't understand la!)
Malaysian: Lu mana mari??
Japanese: 何??!!(Hamik la??!!)
Malaysian: Nabeh! KNNMCB!


ns29 said...

I like this post a lot! LOL
Prefer satay more than sushi ha...
Same as Japanese guys too..who wanna ask me if will find a Japanese boyfriend..
I will just answer..Oh pls..Dont want to have any special relationship with Japanese guys if can...
Why? Why?
Come on..malas lah nak jawab..pigi tanya mak ke babak boleh dapat perfet answer..maybe~~

Calvin said...

ns29: that's because you have a lot of choices when it comes to satay. you got satay ayam, satay lembu, satay kambing, satay arnab, satay rusa and all many others satay ma.

as for sushi, you have only one, and that's sushi. surely sien right?

btw, if you were to get a japanese guy, you got to make sure your parents know how to chick chick chick! :P