Sunday, July 15, 2007

Weekend Cooking Continues

I guess I will be making this as a permanent entry every weekends from now onwards. The reason? Well, some people just couldn't stop posting entries on food. So, I thought why not I do the same too, right?
And secondly, I'll be able to browse through what I have cooked so far and refer to them again next time in case I run out of ideas of what to cook. That practically happens everytime I cook.
Here it goes for today's cooking.
Lunch: White rice, fried cabbage, soft tauhu, prawn tempura and hash potato.
As you should have known, I cooked porrice yesterday. That should be the first and the last time for me cooking porrice as today's rice turned out perfectly. The hash potato wasn't really visible as it was under the prawn tempura.
Calvin's personal rating: 7/10
As for dinner tonight, after taking just white rice for some time already, I changed wind and made this.
Dinner: Fried rice ala Chinese style.
The ingredients I used were chicken, sausages and mixed vegetables. That's all for today. I will have to start figuring out what to cook for tomorrow already.
Calvin's personal rating: 8/10


K'ryn said...

This food looks yummy!

K'ryn said...

Calvin said...

k'ryn: thanks a lot! :)

TZ said...

Yummy! It looked so tasty. Unfortunately, I could not smell from here... otherwise it will be perfect... :-p

Looking forward for next weekend menu... happy cooking eh!

Calvin said...

tz: hi! nice seeing you drop by. and thanks for the comment ^.^

lonehunter88 said...

wah calvin u can open restaurant in japan.. one dish of food like that for 500 yen and you'd be a millionaire in a week or two.. ^^
no workforce? no problem!u ask ur classmates do baito as waiter at ur shop.. =D

Calvin said...

lonehunter88: i will consider that soon. interested to be my co-partner?

drop me a call if you are interested :P