Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tomato Chicken

I did mentioned before that I will be posting entries on the stuff I cook every weekends. But doing such way will make some redundant postings as I'm sure I will be repeating the same stuff once in a while.
So, from now on, I will only be posting entries on the food if I come out with a new thing. Although I'm still stuck in the middle of the exam period, I still try something new. I will call it Tomato Chicken.
Before I try cooking it, I called my chef more than 5000 kilometres away from my place to ask how to make the Tomato Chicken. But by the instructions given, it made me even more headache. I was told to use this la, that la until in the end, I said I will do it myself. I just wanted a simple one, and what I got was a super duper complicated recipe.
There was a few point I was worried about cooking this tomato chicken. The two main worrying point is this.
#1: Will my chicken turned hard after I deep fry it?
#2: Will the gravy turn sour if I use too much of tomato ketchup?
Leaving that aside, I prepared my ingredients. Here are some of the ingredients needed.
Sliced chicken, minced garlic, cubed tomatoes and onions plus a beaten egg. Actually the batter made of wheat flour was a mistake. I shouldn't mix the flour with water. Never mind, another lesson learnt. As for the leeks, it's for my side dish.
After cutting those chicken into small pieces, dip them into beaten eggs. Then spread them in wheat flour. Later deep fry them until they turn golden brown and you are done with the first part.
Then using some oil and tumis the garlic, put in the onion and tomatoes and fry them a while. Later put the deep fried chicken. This was the time when I realised I got no tomato ketchup with me.
Again, I started my seludup activity from the kitchen downstairs.
After adding the tomato ketchup and some salt and sugar, stir them a while. And your are done with the Tomato Chicken, which should look something like this.
Remember the two worrying points I mentioned earlier? To my relieve, my chicken was neither hard of sour. It was just as tender, even better than the one I used to have back home. Just one thing I will better it next time - that is by cutting the chicken into smaller pieces.
My just-whack-it second try with tomato didn't disappoint me ^.-
Calvin's personal rating: 8/10
P/S: Although my chicken and my leeks were done already, I got to wait for another half an hour before having the chance to try it, all because I forgot to turn on the switch of my rice cooker!


michelleg said...

u mean DIP not deep :P

haha din drool at all. why lar did u mix the wheat flour with water?
wat were u thinking? hahahaha..

dodo said...

woops ..someone spotted the spelling mistake for u d. haha...a good one though. ur dish can compete with the sweet sour lemon chicken d. probably they can make good frens heh. one tomato chicken n another lemon chicken. hehe..wat a perfect couple heh! aiks! wat m i talking bout here. hehe..i guess i shd be goin.~ ciao

Calvin said...

michelleg: okay, i've corrected that ady.

i thought it's like doing pisang goreng ma. so i ma mix the flour with water lor. you didn't drool at all? i don't believe at all! :P

Calvin said...

dodo: i will make the sweet sour lemon chicken one day so that the tomato chicken will have a partner and won't be so lonely :P

michelleg said...

haha i know, ur brain miss pisang goreng ady.!!

nope din drool. maybe if i could smell it, i might :P

Calvin said...

michelleg: don't ever you start talking about malaysian food here! if not you better jaga!

if i not yet mandi, you can smell; but my tomato chicken you can't smell hor? -.-

-waiwai- said...
u really geng lah... another master piece...
really wanna make me my sensei leh...

Calvin said...

waiwai: i'm still very new in this cooking stuff la. but i would like to try your cooking too one day. especially your spaghetti ^.^

ns29 said...

for me that got no idea in cooking at all
this really nice

michelleg said...

this goes to show that ur smelly smell is 100x stronger than ur tomato chicken haha

can cook pisang goreng thre oso ma

Calvin said...

ns29: this is just my random idea. hope you like it :)

Calvin said...

michelleg: perhaps you couldn't smell my tomato chicken due to the earthquake that happen recently. there's some difficulties in transferring the smell wave :P

bananas are just too expensive here. one long banana will cost around RM1. i need to plant a banana tree first before considering making pisang goreng ^.-