Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Spooked Like A Tiger That Went Meow

As the title suggests, I had some transformation yesterday. I was like a tiger losing all its stripes. You know, when those tigers saw something surprising and their eyes go terbeliak!
I was like a tiger that went meow yesterday. You know tiger usually roars something like aummm... right? But then, yesterday I transformed from a tiger into a cat that meows and have this look.
As you all should have know by this time, Niigata was hit with a big earthquake yesterday morning. Before this, I was wondering when will I be experiencing an earthquake in Japan. I know it will come, but I never knew when it comes, it was a big one. For the whole day yesterday, I've been playing hide and seek with the earthquake.
Remember that tsunami that happened in December 2004? When I saw those people saying that they were still traumatized by what had happened to them even months have past since that incident, I wasn't really convince and was wondering how can that make them into that state.
But I understand it eventually. Only after I went through myself the earthquake. There are people who kept on telling me to relax and saying that was fun. Yes, I do admit when you are feeling the building are shaking really hard, you will feel yourself like getting a natural massage. That was nice.
But when it doesn't stop and continues for some period of time, it's time to get serious. Damn scary. Honestly, I was kinda traumatized by what had happened for the whole day yesterday.
When I was walking, I feel the floor was shaking. When I'm sitting down, I felt the chair was shaking. When I was eating, I felt my spoon is shaking. When I was typing and doing my asses, I felt my hand was shaking. Even when I'm typing this, I still feel that the floor is shaking. But actually, during all those times, nothing was happening. I was just imagining that it was shaking.
To make sure if that was really a shake or it was just my imagination, I placed a bottle of water next to my window. Whenever I felt a shake, I will be looking at the surface of the water to see if it was really shaking. Most of the time when I look at it, the water was still. So you can say that I've been imaginating it most of the time. Now, I'm damn sensitive, even to the tiniest of shake. But again, I wasn't sure if that's just my imagination.
As I was trying to recover from it, I tried some ways. One of it is of course chatting in MSN. Initially when the morning earthquake hit, I was chatting. When I told them an earthquake was happening, they still could make fun of it.

"Your place is shaking? Oh my fingers are shaking too. Faster take you laptop with you to keep you company!"

"Ohh volcano is erupting in my place! The lavas getting nearer and nearer! Help!!"

Very 'funny'. But I understand. I will do that too if someone suddenly said an earthquake is happening. There was a few who really believed me at that time. One of them is Dodo. Remember her? Dodo the bird!

For the most of the rest of the day, she was the one who open the consultation centre for me although it was a public holiday. And you know what, it was FOC. Even better, there was an OT for the consultation. Where can you find such consultation centre in the whole universe, right?

The Calvin that chatted in MSN yesterday was totally different. Just ask anyone who chatted to me yesterday. I had tons of spelling errors. When I said tons, I really mean it. 'Do me reports' became 'do my reposts' and 'ic ic' became 'ic uc'. Almost every time, I got to re-type my message. As a result, we ended up talking a new language called Tamdre. It is actually a mixture between Tamil and Andre.

Here is part of the crap we had.

DoDo says: well, at least i don speak tamil with u!
DoDo says: later u lagi blur ler, how?
calvin says: dei, tamil yen neh sapre deh?
DoDo says: deh na neh pun neh neh!
calvin says: dei, tamil tarak boleh ciakap, dei tamil saperse!
DoDo says: dell tamil hamil hamik mil mil mil!
calvin says: dei, tamil tarak boleh ciakap, jiangan ciakap tamil sama andre!
DoDo says: andre, andre, hi pa hipa andre andre!
calvin says: dei, lu betui betui bolieh ciakap tamil ka?
DoDo says: abuthe dei! dei andre nathan neh andre neha dil dei huh?
calvin says: porah!! dei tamil dunno, lagi mau ciakap!

OMG! Did you really went through that? Even if you did, please tell me that you don't understand what we were talking or rather ketam-ing about above.

That was just one of the lesson I got from Dodo's EQ Aftermath Consultation Centre. A Tamdre-ing lesson. I also got a singing lesson and also a terbalik-ing words lesson. Sounds cool right? I bet no matter how traumatized you might be after any disaster, this centre will sure have the remedy to cure you.

If not for the EQ-CPR on me for the whole day yesterday, I guess by now, I would be in Tanjung Manggis.

P/S: There were still some small aftershock quake throughout the night yesterday. Even when I hit the bed at 2am, there were still shakes. I felt the bed was shaking. Or was that just another of my imagination?


dodo said...

hahaha...dude, u had fun, ain't u huh? i bet u had a good laugh last nite wat. together-gether with YY too mah. U've forgotten all about her huh. She's my assistant wat. N oh, ur name pls?? We're laughing our asses off when u left the conversation u knw. Trying to figure out ur name still. Wat kak Yee?? Wat Koi Yee..??Keong Yee?? whichever it is lar. i shall continue guessing it later yah. haha. Feel free to come to me for a free consultation session yah. Ring me up if u cant find me. 1300-13-1300 ..haha ..

Calvin said...

dodo: i thought your consultation centre number is a toll-free one? i will call if you make that FOC too :P

and about my name, here's the guesses both of you made.

#1 kai yeat
#2 kai yee
#3 kai yew
#4 kai yong
#5 kai yai
#6 kai yang
#7 kak yee
#8 kang yang
#9 kee yee
#10 kiat yee
#11 king yong
#12 kit yai (hatyai?)
#13 kit yang
#14 kit yee
#15 kit yeong
#16 kit yew
#17 kit yit
#18 kit yong
#19 koi yee (think i ikan koi ar?)
#20 kok yee

20 guesses! but still, none of it was correct.

now only i know that birds (especially dodo the bird) are not so good in guessing game afterall :P

lonehunter88 said...

the earthquake we experienced yesterday was a 長周期地震, which means it has a small amplitude but a long wavelength..that must be why it continued through the night too.. It's actually a very rare type of earthquake in Japan, which was why the Japanese overlooked it..(my lecturer told me this) heh..

昌元 said...

well, hakodate is said to be quite safe from the natural disasters, though sometimes i do worry about the volcano near to hakodate. as for the earthquake, i think it just happened two times since i came here, very small one, not yours, have to play hide and seek pula, haha! anyway, glad that you all are alright.

Calvin said...

lonelyhunter88: i was going 'wow' when you gave me such a detailed explaination on the quake yesterday. i thought you are so expert in this stuff already, until you said that it was your sensei who told you that!

anyway, thanks for the info. i've learned a new thing today :)

Calvin said...

昌元: i heard that there's another quake in hokkaido this morning, measuring about M6. did you felt it?

yalor, played with the EQ for the whole day yesterday. like tom and jerry nia!

by the way, thanks for the concern :)