Friday, July 27, 2007

Sado Island - Special Edition (The Return Of The Parrot)

If you still remember, I went for a trip to Sado Island early this month. This is actually a special edition of the trip. In this entry, I will talk about that parrot that was with us throughout the trip.
For some of you who might have know what is all about that parrot, then you can skip this. For those who is still blur about it, then let me give you a brief introduction on this parrot. Throughout the trip in Sado, we was accompanied by this tour guide.
Cut the story short, during the journey in the bus, basically she will talk non-stop while giving description on the interesting places in the island. I thought fine. But then she asked us if we were okay if she sing a song.
Wah, mini concert in the bus ar? We said okay lor. Then when she start singing, I tell you, indescribable. I think this two video will give you the better idea.

There was one time in the bus that we were feeling boring and we though why not ask that parrot sing a song for us.
Me: Wei, so quiet ler. Want ask that parrot sing arh?
Senpai: You don't siao la. Better don't la. Why? You miss her voice la now?
Me: No la, but nice also ma. At least won't be so sien ma.
Senpai: Then you go ask her la.
So we asked her to sing a song. And she sang without any hesitation.
Me: Alamak! Same song again la! I thought maybe she will sing some different song ma. But mana tau...
Senpai: See la you! Regret la now?
Me: A bit la. Hehe...
Senpai: A bit your head la. A lot okay? All also your pasal la. Now I no need to sleep liao!
Haih, straight I got bombed by that senpai. But actually that was nothing as we enjoyed her mini concert. Just hear at the sound effect we made. Hai! Hai! Hai! ^.^

Actually I wanted to upload this two video in the Sado entries. But then, the size was too big. So I tried something different. I played them on my laptop and retook the video.
So, as expected, the quality isn't at the best. I hope you'll bear with these two video. They are still funny though. Enjoy :)


michelleg said...

no way im gonna play that again. if i were ur senpai, i would've smacked ur head for asking her to sing! hahaha!!!

Calvin said...

michelleg: wei, what la! you're siding my senpai la now? at least support me ma. sigh...

but actually right, i kinda miss her singing in the bus la. nice song with sweet voice! but a bit headache also la. kekeke :P

michelleg said...

OMG! how could u miss her voice!! im beginning to think ur ear got problem now ;P

Calvin said...

michelleg: try play those videos again. slowly but surely, you will realise that it's actually not bad la :P

michelleg said...

ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! neverrrrr!!!


Calvin said...

michelleg: trust me. you won't regret doing that. you will thank me later on for asking you to replay those videos :P

jo said...

i actually liked her singing..i thought her voice was good(for her age )...and dint u think she was nice?quite friendly also...

looking at hasan made me laugh..hehe

Calvin said...

jo: yalor. samo sing such classical song. you should get her to be your ibu angkat la. then she can train you become like her ma :P

yeah, seriously she was indeed friendly :)

hasan? he enjoyed himself to the fullest behind the bus la. and i also joined him siao! hehe :P