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Sado Island - Day 1 (Part 2)

This will be the second part of Day 1 on my trip on Sado.
After travelling in the bus and spotting a guy's face, we reached our next destination. 玉堂窯元 (Gyokudou Kamamoto) is name of the place. It's actually a pottery factory, similar with those labu sayung in Kuala Kangsar.
玉堂窯元 (Gyokudou Kamamoto)
After some brief introduction by the person in charge, we were taken to have a look in the gallery. These pottery are called Mumyoi ware made of Mumyoi clay, which contains ferrous oxide and is obtained near the Sado goldmine.
The products are baked in a kiln at a high temperature. The pots are in various shape and sizes. Of course, when it gets bigger in size, the price will be nicer too. This is what we called proportion function.
inside the gallery
cups, cups and cups
I as looking around until I came about a huge round pot. I was quite surprised after checking out its price. 210,000yen it was. That's about RM7,000.
I know I'm not a clumsy person. Anyway, unluckiness has no smell. So, before I go and juggle those pots, I went out from the gallery to join the others.
some of the high class pots - the middle one is the 210,000yen I mentioned
They were actually already gathered to have a try making those pots. Everyone were given a paper with our name written on it.
We were given three choices of pots, whether to make a ゆのみ (yunomi), コップ (koppu) or ごはん (gohan). Yunomi is teacup, kuppo will be cup or glass, while gohan refers to rice bowl.
again, there's no any 4D number on this work order card but you can try with the date (7/7) though
So, I decided to make yunomi. The guy started by showing us the way to make it, from the early process of shaping it up till the finishing touch which was cutting the base from the main clay with a thread.
When he was done with his his sample, he looked at us and smiled. His eyes was so sepet that his eyes were hardly visible. Quite cute though!
"Okay, who want to try first?"
Again, we looked around and nine pairs of eyes were on me. Since I'm given the privilege to be the first one playing with the clay, I wore my apron and took my seat. I must tell you that it took me some time to adjust my chair properly. That guy was asking his assistant what to do with me as my legs were to long and it might be a interference while I make my pot.
just look at the distance between my apron and the clay
But I managed to adjust my seat properly in the end. Even I have not yet started making my teacup, the God already like giving me bad sign already. So I started by making the clay into a cylinder shape. Then I slowly make the hole by poking into the middle of the clay.
Slowly but sure, I could see my teacup appearing. Wah, first time doing a teacup also so keng already. Luckily the teacup I was making didn't turn into some other cups. I wouldn't know how they would react if a C-cup that came out!
need to concentrate until like that meh?
But while I was doing it, the guy kept on guiding me. If he was not there, I'm sure the C-cup will come out. When he stop telling me what to do next, that was the time my teacup almost turn into a C-cup. Now I knew why they wanted me to be the first person to try it. They wanted me to be the white mice.
But before that happens, he was quick to cover-up my mistake.
aiks! why the mouth looks like an elephant's ear?
When I was almost finished and he asked me if I was happy with my teacup, he took a sponge and suck the remaining water trapped inside. Then he took a thread, roll it around the base while turning it around.
putting some final touches
slowly not to drop it on the floor
And my teacup is done. Want to see how I fared?
Here you go, my first teacup in my life!
can you guess which is mine?
Only after all had done with their pots that I realised that mine was one of the most cacat of all. Not the most cacat, but among the most cacat. It's because the teacup that I was supposed to do didn't look like a teacup at all. I would say it looked more like a papaya. Don't you think so?
Anyway, I tried to console myself. You know what? Even it looked so cacat, but I'm the one who will be able to fill the most tea into my cup. I can easily scoop one time and that will be enough already. Not bad right?
mirror, mirror on the screen, which is the prettiest of them all?
this one no need to ask mirror already coz all also cacat ones :P
We will only be getting our pots in one months time as they need to dry and burn them. When it's done, they will be sending it to us. I will prove to you that my teacup is user-friendly when I get it later. Trust me!
before and after
We were told that after those pots are being processed, the size will shrink into two third of its present size. So my teacup will not be too big afterall. After spending more than an hour playing with clay there, we headed to the next destination. Where do you that it would be?
But before we reached there, the parrot continued with her job. This time she went one step better. She asked us if it's okay for her to sing. If she sings like Kulis-telinga Aku-gila also never mind. But this one, like those Chinese opera. I'm very sure that by the way she hit the high pitches will make even Winnie Who's-turn proud of it.
blue sea + blue sky = blue mind
While I was enjoying the scenery outside, the bus stopped again. As expected, we were asked to look at stones again. I guess these people in Sado have no other better thing other than sitting down and stare at the stones all the time.
This time, it's an animal. A cat this time.
a nyak nyak with two horns
Those who could see it out will have nine lives after this. That wasn't what we was told. That was something I created. If they can say a stone looks like an animal, why can't I tokok tambah on it, right?
The next destination is actually our hotel. But it was still early that time. So we talked sweet with the bus driver to stop by the seaside somewhere along the way. And he agreed.
sorry, don't know how to read the kanji
I have no idea where that place is. But they called it 長手岬 (Nagate Misaki). Misaki means a cape. So, it's a cape. Simple as that. There was also a white light house here.
a white pole among the stones
So we went down and walked around taking pictures along the way when we came across some corals.
top left pic: there's a crab inside the shell
for once, my senpai is taller than me
a sesat fella behind spoilt everything! -.-
at last, there wasn't any pink panther sesat in this picture
Later, we headed to the hotel as it was getting late already. After putting our stuff in the room, we had some games in the tennis court. My second time playing tennis and I've got much better. Good enough not to hit the ball out of the court and into the sea.
Then, without bathing first, we straight went to have our dinner. When I got there, I saw this on the table.
any idea what is this?
Stewpid enough to ask what is that huh? At first, I thought it was some kind of decoration. After looking it closer, only I realised that it's actually sashimi. Okay, stop labelling me as a jakun now.
And we had this as the main course.
a seafood dinner
It's actually a buffet. But I didn't eat much. 'Just' two rounds plus an extra round for my orange juice. We were eating when we realised that the sun was setting pretty soon from the window.
So after I'm done with dinner, without bathing (again), I headed outside to watch the sunset. This is actually my first time seeing a sunset.
sunset in Sado
Unfortunately, there was a thick layer of clouds between the sky and the sea. So, the sunset wasn't really visible. But I still managed to take some pictures along the way.
going... going... gone...
Even during the sunset, we still continued cam-whoring.
an Indonesian with a Bolehlandian in Sushiland
why so emo, Calvin?
Tugu Negara?
Before I become the dinner to the mosquitoes, I quickly get into the hotel. Oh yea, you haven't seen what hotel we stayed right? So, this is where we stayed for the night.
ファミリーオ佐渡相川 (Famirio Sado Aikawa)
Having a cup of green tea after the whole day going to so many places will just be the best remedy.
煎茶 (sencha) or green tea
I was having my well deserved rest when I heard some noises from the next door. When I got the the room and opened the door, this is what I saw.
Base Camp Malaysian
Malaysian style casino in Sado Island!
~End of Day 1 (Part 2)~


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haha.. nice nice! "Later, we headed to the hotel as it was getting later already" u mean 'it was getting late already' rite? haha..

and that pic with ur senpai, haih so wasted but im sure u had tonnes of other pics la :P

and obviously it's sashimi!! omg! i would kill to taste that! o.O

Calvin said...

michelleg: again, a grammar lesson from michelle! okay la, this time i admit that i wasn't testing my readers. i just don't know that you are so good in picking up this minor errors.

i will have to go back to my pics collection to see if there's anymore pics with my senpai. if got, sure i upload it in the next part wan! :)

oh yea, i won't be telling how nice the sashimi taste. later say i make you jealous again :P

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