Saturday, July 7, 2007

Sado Island - Day 1 (Part 1)

This will be my entry on my trip to Sado Island in the weekends. As there will be a lot of pictures and texts as well, I'm breaking my entry into a few parts - 2 parts for each day. This will be the first part of Day 1.
I will start off with the night before we went to Sado. By that time, a mini disaster had struck. I found myself with no bag to put my stuff and bring along with me. I was only left with a huge luggage bag which was used when I got to Japan.
Having no other choices, I went for a treasure hunt in the midnight. Luckily all these jipun kia is like owl as they don't sleep very early. And finally, after asking here and there (in fact, I only asked one guy), I got this bag.

Say what you want to say. Purple like Deepavali, so huge like Hush Puppies or it looks like a kindergarten kid's school bag. But you know what, this is the only one bag I had at that time. Now, talk about desperation. So of course I have no other choice but to use it.

Next morning, after waking up really early, we set off with an express bus. Luckily it wasn't a bus where I usually take as this bus has air-conditioner, especially it has gotten hotter these days.

But before that, each of us were given a name tag. It's kinda like those name tags you can see the new standard 1 kids wear in their pocket. Do we really have to wear those thing for the whole trip? You siao meh? Luckily no need!

While on the journey, most of them continue their sleep, but not me. I started having my breakfast, which was onigiri and milk. The purple thing is actually like jeruk. There's umeboshi inside the onigiri. Umeboshi is actually like asam, usually orange in colour.

my breakfast with my name tag

Onigiri is actually like something to have when you don't have much time preapring a decent meal. So, I wouldn't say that origiri I had as the most delicious food that I ever had in Japan.

I tried to sleep but I couldn't. But when I was beginning to feel sleepy, I realised that we will reach the port very soon. After travelling for almost an hour, we reach the port to take our ferry to Sado.

佐渡汽船のりば (Sado Kisen Noriba)

When I look around that place, I saw what I was looking for.

ferry or steamship?

Actually it's not a ferry. Translating it would make it called steamship. As the steamship wasn't setting off so early, we hang around that area and taking some pictures. As the steamship was about to set off, we took our tickets and went in.

nothing surprising to see me out of balance again

anyone fancy of buying 4D number for this ticket's #01419?

The journey was around one hour plus. Initially, I didn't plan to sleep but tiredness took the toll off me. Maybe by sleeping, I didn't have any mabuk laut. To be fair, I've never experienced having mabuk laut before. I would like to have one actually actually. Just to have a try.

When we reach there, I spotted something familiar. A small-eyed women wearing a cute hat holding a paper written with 長岡高専留学生修学旅行 (Nagaoka Kosen Foreign Student School Trip). After waiting the others to release the call of nature, we had a head count. Just in case someone being left out.

welcome to Sado

Then, we were taken to a bus (luckily it's air-cond again!) and we got to the first place for this trip. Initially, when the bus had started moving, I heard some introduction about this island.

At first, I though it was a pre-recorded one. But then, when I looked in front, that women I mentioned just now was actually giving the introduction to us. Okay, never mind. It should be just a short one. Then I began sensing some weird stuff.

"Okay boys and girls, now as we can see, the sea is just on the left. Wah, it's so blue. The sky is so clear too today."

"Wah you see! Now got paddy field pulak. I tell you la. Actually hor, here in Sado, we produce rice also ler."

By that time, I know this will continue for the whole journey while in the bus. And how right I was as she just didn't stop talking throughout our 2 days here. How right I was when she started to comment like this.

"Okay, now we are crossing a very narrow road hor"

Wah lao, like that also need to mention or not? But actually, it also avoid us being bored while in the bus. And since she also have a funny face, we also have some fun with her by making stupid jokes.

We were first taken to visit a 神社 (jinja) or shrine. I'm not sure how to pronounce it's name, but it written as 度津神社.

entrance to the jinja

There is this washing place before we enter it. Again, it's written as 洗心. Translating it would make be 'wash heart'.

But I guess it means mind rather than heart.

a place to wash the non-virgin's minds

the main door of the jinja

It's my first time visiting a shrine after coming here for more than 3 months and I looked around to see anything interesting. All I saw was some paper fans, clothes being hanged from the ceiling, drums, and offerings of food.

inside the jinja

Later I came across this thing. A fortuneteller machine. I didn't try it because I know the paper I will be getting will 100% be in Japanese. Even if I try reading it, I think the percentage of me understanding the language will never be more than 20%.

There's a cat there called maneki neko. I guess most of you have seen it before. It's the cat with the strongest arm in the world. That cat that keep on waving its hand like calling you to 'come here, come here'.

招き猫御神籤 (manekineko omikuji) - maneki cat fortune slip

Before we returned to continue to the next destination, as usual we took some pictures first.

from left: me, Adeli, Joann, Syieda and Surianto (Indonesia)

there's a lion head inside the glass

random shot

who is this sesat fella?

Again during the time in the bus, the mata sepet women continue talking non-stop. By that time, some of my friends have started getting beh syiok already as they couldn't even have a short nap.

Everything was forgotten when we reach the next stop.

たらい舟のりば (tarai fune noriba) - the entrance

We will be sitting たらい舟 (tarai fune). Tarai is basin, while fune means ship. What does that mean? Worrying sign for me, of course. I was wondering how am I going to get into a basin? How if it turns turtle? Will there be a Titanic 2 if I got into it?

But when you got closer and see it, it's neither a basin or a ship.

this is called たらい舟 (tarai fune)

Instead, it's something in between both of them. Fuhh, you'll never know how relieved I was to find that out. So, we got our tickets from our sensei and queue-up patiently.

sorry la coz this time no 4D number on the ticket

Then it reached my turn. To be honest, I was still doubting the ability of that basin. But I still went in. As expected, it didn't sink. Lucky me!

off we go!

We were taken one round until we reached some shallow area when we were given the chance to have a try on the basin ship.

Fong Zyin a.k.a. my senpai had a try too - gostan-ing style

Even after the woman in front showed me how to move the wooden plank in front of the basin ship. In the end, instead of moving forward, I made the basin ship to make some other movement.

No, I didn't make it gostan behind. But I made it have a 360 degree turn around. Keng right?

row, row, row your basin, gently round the sea

mari, mari, mari, mari, we will drink barley

I quickly returned the plank to the woman before I kambing the basin ship even worse. It was a nice experience for getting a chance to play with the basin ship, using our driving-in-the-sea skills although all of us didn't have a license yet.

the king of gostan and 360 degree

After getting off from the basin, we headed to the nearby stall to have some stuff to eat. We got this thing called doriyaki. If you watch Doraemon, I'm sure you'll know what is this. They put a layer of ice cream inside the doriyaki.

cow flavoured doriyaki

Not enough with just doriyaki, we went to have our lunch. I ate some seafood rice called イカ金ぼし (ika kaneboshi). There's ika (cuttlefish) inside the rice with some side dishes.

my lunch of the day in Sado

After our lunch, we headed to our next destination, which is a pottery factory. Again, in the bus, the same thing continued. The parrot continued talking all the time. But most of the time, my attention was just outside, seeing the view of the sea.

Then, the bus stopped suddenly. We was told to have a look outside of a stone. So, I looked outside and saw a big stone, just like she just told us.

"Look carefully and you'll notice that the stone resembles a guy's face from side view."

What do you think? Can you see it? You know what, anyone (especially guys) who fail to see it will never have a child in his whole life!

So, can you see it now?

~End of Day 1 (Part 1)~


Innocent^^Guy said...

So happening wor, got ppl...

Not hard to spot you in the group picture. Just look for the tallest one

I want to try to sit that basin ler. Like those olden days China people bath use wan..

Calvin said...

calvinsenpai: for this one, you can try it at home. get a basin and a broom, then head into the nearest swimming pool and try it. i bet it will be fun!

michelleg said...

sugei ne~ nice ler.. sigh can i exchange place wit u now? haha..

i can't see the man's face. where???

CRAPPED!! said...

Was wondering where William was when I remembered he had exams...

Anyway, it's "Cow milk flavored"...or uf you meant it as a joke, my apologies then. Oh, if you see King, tell him i said 来年よろしく。

Calvin said...

michelleg: thank god that you're not a guy hor? look properly at the top part. the face is facing to the right.

have you got it now?

Calvin said...

crapped!!: you should try the doriyaki. it tastes like cow! :P

you did't spot where william was? never mind. there's still 3 more parts for you to get a glimpes of him :)
but haven't you got the news about his result?

i will take some time sending him your regards as king's room is just opposite mine. kinda far, you know :P

michelleg said...

OOOHHHH!! okok saw it.. :P

Calvin said...

michelleg: you've only just cleared the first stone. more to come after this! :)