Friday, July 6, 2007

Sado Here I Come

I'll be off to Sado Island early tomorrow morning. It will be two-day trip among all the foreign students in my college, plus some lecturers who will be accompanying us there. Since this is my first time going oversea (I mean somewhere separated from Honshu) since I came here, let me have a short introduction about this place.

Basically, Sado Island an island. So we need to get there by ferry. I'm not sure whether there is any sampan service provided there though. There are also other ways of getting to this island, such as by plane.

If you prefer to swim there, you may do so. Just make sure you don't get yourself bitten by any jaws. Eh, Japan got jaws meh?

Since it's an island, there will of course be beaches, right? Here, you can have sunset view late evening. Seagulls can be sighted easily around this island. I also assume that there are fishing villages in this island, although I'm not too sure what they catch. My guess will be salmon.

When I asked my Japanese friends about this island, he said one of our classmates is from here. Heck! What does that have to do with me? Anyway, I later found out that this island is still virgin and untouched. That's what I heard from my senpai. But I guess what she meant was rich with natural beauty. Using the word virgin might not sound right to me.

Going to a place without trying the local food will never make your trip complete, right? Fresh seafood can be expected here. Of course, their sashimi will be one of the freshest I guess.

Then, there's this kind of coffee with tea leaves. Not very sure how it taste though.

Yes, I know. You must be thinking that I'm just ketam-ing above, right? Okay la. I admit it. All I mentioned above are just what I know so far about Sado Island. I haven't been there yet, so you can't expect me to tell exactly all about it. If you want a detailed info about this island, you can get it here.

I was just making my own assumptions based on the pictures above, which were cetak rompak-ed from the internet. We shall see whether my assumptions are correct, or it's I was just kambing-ing around when I'm back from Sado Island.

I will not be able to update my blog at least for the next 48 hours. I'll be back with entries from my trip to Sado Island when I'm back.

P/S: There are some people who said I'm trying to make them jealous by telling them all these trips I'm going. The real fact is no, I'm not. I knew that they will get jealous. That is why I do this on purpose! To some people out there, you know who you are, don't you? :P


ns29 said...

1st time that I knew that place can be described as virgin...

Calvin said...

i thought there is this word hutan dara, no? so instead of forest, i'm using it for an island lor :P

K'ryn said...

Beautiful pictures
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