Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Nothing else could separate Valentine's Day with red roses. That will be the subject of this entry. Not Valentine's Day, but roses.
These are the shots I took when I got to a nursery while I was shopping the other weekend. It was in the afternoon and the weather was so hot. So, not surprisingly, the wasn't any droplets of raindrops on the petals as I would have loved to have.

Anyway, I guess these shots weren't a bad try though on my first time with roses. Or maybe you have some different thoughts on it?
I know I got read from somewhere before that says each colours of roses have different meanings in them. But I could only recall one. I know red roses symbolise love. There are a few more, which I have forgotten. If you do, share them here.


cl3m` said...

lacks depth of field ( your cam can't handle it) underexposed and the roses are at their last stages...

Calvin said...

cl3m: those are the best roses i could find in the nursery. there wasn't many choices to be honest. i will try a better one again next time ^.-