Friday, July 20, 2007

Ogenkidesuka Tortoise-khun?

I've never had a dog before. Neither did I ever had a cat before. Same goes to hamster and rabbit. I never had those animals before in my house. I did had a chick once. That was actually my sister's chick. Then I fish before. Almost any fish you can think of, I had them before. Goldfish and Japanese carp were the most frequent I had last time.
This makes me wonder now if that is the reason why I'm so goldfish and like to kap siao these days. Maybe the spirit of those fishes beh syiok with me and instead of going to heaven, they remain here and keep on haunting me!
There was also a time when a bird came and make a nest outside my house. I think it happened twice, but I'm not too sure about it. See, told you. I'm a goldfish!
cute right?
The last animal that I had in my house was a pair of tortoises. I don't think they are mine as they were bought while I was studying in KL that time. So, I would say they are my sister's tortoises.
But what I don't understand is that every time I'm back for the weekends or having a sem break, I'm the one who will be doing the cleaning part. Initially, when those two tortoise were still small, it was simple.
October 2005
Catch them and put them in one koleh, throw away the dirty water, replace with a new one, wash the two tortoises and throw them in it and finally feed them with some vege. But living beings grow. As they got bigger and bigger, their legs began to grow those duri stuff.
It's very geli especially you are catching it to bathe them. It is even worse as now, I can't just put them into any koleh. Using a too small koleh will let them crawl out and run away. As I usually bathe them in the toilet, I was worried if they fell into the jamban hole. That will be sayonara for them.
October 2005
After more than 3 months parting with both of them, I began to wonder if how is their current state. Are they still alive or they have joined my goldfish and Japanese carp company?
I guess they are still alive. They are just tortoise! It's just as simple as that. I don't think it's so easy for them to pass away.
March 2006
The problem is that I don't have any idea to see whether they are male of female. If both of them are male, then it's my fault to turn them to be gay. But then, does that term applicable to animal?
That doesn't really matter me. Instead, I just want to have a look on how much they have grown since I left. I hope any of my sisters is reading this.
UPDATE: Again, thanks to Dodo (used to be the bird), I can now differentiate between a male and a female tortoise. To see the difference, click here and here. Dodo must be a real best friend with animals I guess!


Anonymous said...


We've just bought for Sonia her pair of tortoise and frankly speaking they are very naughty.

t@ng_y1! said...

baby tortoises r easily get sick and die.
coz their immune system is still weak.
have to be careful that the water temperature isn't too high or too cold. avoid direct sunlight even if the tortoises like to sun-bathing.
oh ya . prepare a shore , so tht they can dry themselve!

Calvin said...

anonymous: i suppose this is see eee right? anyway, i don't really know about taking care of tortoises. i will just throw the vege to them nia :P

Calvin said...

tang yii: wow, like steve irwin in crocodile hunter nia. you bela tortoise before ar? got so many knowledge about tortoise!

thanks for your tips. i hope they will come handy to my sisters :)

t@ng_y1! said...

actually it was my bro who ever bela tortoises.
I juz help him to feed them nia.

oh ya !
how to differenciate between male and female is by looking their neck.
the tortoise tat has longer neck is male.
normally female tortoise will grow faster than male, so if they are same age, but not the same size, the bigger one should be female.
but these doesn't apply to all kinds of tortoises.

I wanted to be a vet...

Calvin said...

tang yii: you only do feeding but when it comes to bathing them, you push it to your bro la, right? hehe :P

so far i see my tortoises like same size nia. maybe they're really gays! lolz!

thanks for the additional info. i will ask my sis to check on them :)

dodo said...

Here is an example of how to differentiate the male n female burmese star tortoise which i hav no idea what kinda tortoise it is. hehe. but basically they r all the same. coz i rmbr once this pet shop owner told me how to differentiate tortoise which i actually forgotten d. hehe..

and here is another link of differentiating male n female bowsprit tortoise

i once had these tortoises before which my landlord accidentally "murdered" them when i was back to my hometown. haha. i passed them to him to take k of. n within days he rang me up and said they were gone. wat da!!! haha ..

Calvin said...

dodo: why your landlord so char wan? tortoise also couldn't manage to take care of meh? i pity your tortoises nia.

i think my grandma got told me once that to determine the sex of the tortoise, turn their back and check for some dunno what red spots. i'm not too sure about it though :P

Anonymous said...

haha...u reli wan c d latest pic ar...i free tm i wil send 2 u la..act dey luk lk b4 nia chges 2 me..

stil dem smelly le..haha..lazy chg water..n geli 2 touch oso..

Calvin said...

anonymous: as for this one, based on the dunno-what language you used, i suppose this is calyn, right?

of course no changes la. are you expecting them to grow wings? :P

p/s: next time don't remain as anonymous la. put your name there!