Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Term Of Stress Management

stress [ stress ]
noun (plural stress·es)

1. strain felt by somebody: mental, emotional, or physical strain caused, e.g. by anxiety or overwork. It may cause such symptoms as raised blood pressure or depression.
2. cause of strain: something that causes stress
3. special importance: special emphasis, importance, or significance attached to something
4. emphasis on syllable: the emphasis placed on a sound or syllable by pronouncing it more loudly or forcefully than those surrounding it in the same word or phrase
5. emphasis in poetry: the emphasis placed on a syllable or word as part of the rhythm of a poem or line of poetry
6. accent in music: the emphasis placed on a note as part of the rhythm of a piece of music, or a mark representing this
7. physics force deforming body: a force or system of forces exerted on a body and resulting in deformation or strain

Forget about those definitions. Now let me present you Calvin's New Term Of Stress Management!

Just tell me how you think of my drawings ^.-
This was part of my conversation with Dodo when she wanted to have a ABC class with me. Credits to Dodo for putting together all those pictures. Anyway, there were some questions being asked about my drawing. Below is the original conversation.

DoDo says (9:32 PM):
oi, is that a donkey???
wat da heck!!!
donkey looks like another animal ler
like dog
but oso like a cat
DoDo says (9:37 PM):
ur elephant, trunk cacat one
DoDo says (9:37 PM):
i thought its an elephant
since when horse got such nose????
DoDo says (9:37 PM):
don make me laugh
i juz had my dinner
damn funny lar u
lucky i din on mic now
else u would be hearing me laugh laugh laugh
DoDo says (9:38 PM):
wat a goat
cacat mia
wats that
like cat mata menonjol
DoDo says (9:39 PM):
omg ..i cant stop laughing
DoDo says (9:39 PM):
DoDo says (9:40 PM):
oi oi oi
i cant stop laughing
DoDo says (9:40 PM):
monkey - crocodile face geh
DoDo says (9:40 PM):
hey hey hey
stop it!!!
i cant stop laughing here man
stomach damn churning now
DoDo says (9:41 PM):
wat orang utan
i c nth
whc part look like orang utan
DoDo says (9:41 PM):
stop it
my hands r shaking when i type
DoDo says (9:42 PM):
omg ..
wat !!!!!!!!!!!
isnt it the same with niao
the mouth???!!!!!!!!
like sinyu
DoDo says (9:43 PM):
omg ..
i cant stoplaughing
i anot type laeio
my hands rshoihking
DoDo says (9:44 PM):
y all the head muz be that way
all mata cacat one
DoDo says (9:45 PM):
wat da heck
DoDo says (9:45 PM):
wat da!!!!!!!!!!!!
u called it umbrella???
more like a tree
DoDo says (9:46 PM):
vampire konon
like orange
DoDo says (9:46 PM):
whale got pimples mia
DoDo says (9:46 PM):
like fish bone
DoDo says (9:47 PM):
u good u good
DoDo says (9:47 PM):
make me laughing non stop
DoDo says (9:47 PM):
wats yak???
obese cat ar?
DoDo says (9:47 PM):
hey later make sure u scroll up n laugh it urself
damn funny mia
Here's the complete evaluation I got for my drawings.
A: like an apple
B: like a babi
C: a cat with boobs
D: donkeycat look
E: cacat egg
E: elephant doing its ballet dance tip toeing. why fat n short legs?
F: flower yang dah layu
G: goatcat tail. wat happen to its mouth?
H: horsedick face. why got such nose?
I: island. ok lar, pass
J: no idea
K: same like the goatcat tail look
L: aint knw wat that was. got whiskers somemore
M: doesnt seem like a monkey to me
N: ok lar, pass la. juz hate that mouth, like sinyu from doreamon
O: the worst. aint knw whc part of it like orang utan
P: like chu pa jiet
Q: dat duck seems like wana learn how to fly wit its short wings
R: lagi funny. obese rabbit sitting in a cat basket
S: like snake suffer from brain tumour ar
T: tikus. the teeth cacat one
U: umbrella more like a tree to me
V: vampire konon. seems like those orange or pacman
W: whale wit zits
X: x-ray. more like a fish bone
Y: yak no idea. more like an obese cat to me
Z: zebra. yeah with those lines drawn but the mouth? its chin cacat mia, jaw line not good issit? the face, terkelengtong!
What do you think? Any new comments to add to my drawings?


-waiwai- said...

Are those draw by msn brush...
no bad lah actually...
and i realized... more n more ppl have dodo name in their blog...
although dodo dun have blog...
Envy u lah dodo...

michelleg said...

wah, finally u've found ur match, ur perfect soul mate; dodo.

haha!! happy for u ler! :P

dodo said...

oi!!!!! ....didnt get my permission to post that conversation up huh?? No big no small ler. Adui..whole night, my tummy's been churning man! Luckily that u didnt draw that when i was eating.

I had a good laugh n even till now i still cant stop laughin at ur drawings. esp those, orang utan, n yeah ..orang utan..whc part of it look like orang utan heh??? hahahaha..

u knw wat. i need no Steven lim to make me laugh everyday liao. All i hav to do is to go this site n hav a good laugh at ur drawings. hahahah... u owe me those answers.

Calvin said...

waiwai: yes, that was drawn using msn brush. i told you ady ma, my art not bad one :P

Calvin said...

michelleg: i think you have got everything wrong liao. have you forgot that dodo is the niao and i am the human?

niao and human just won't make a perfect match. no perfect soul being matched :P

Calvin said...

dodo: you should have told me next time if you are eating. then only i can make you spill everything out!

on the questions you asked me, this is my answers.

#1: the mouth of the horse is sharp and it has pony tail. so it's a horse la!

#2: that orang utan looks just like orang utan la. just look at that bulu-bulu thing on top of its head and the ears on the sides. you jakun isit, never seen an orang utan before ar?