Friday, July 13, 2007

Mini Tiger Lily

This is some sort of a sequel from my Tiger lily entry some time ago. But this time, instead of the normal Tiger lily, these are mini tiger lily which I took recently.

I have no idea what is the exact name of this flower. So I just called it as mini tiger lily. If you happen to be a botanist or have any idea about its name, then share it here.

I just don't want to repeat my mistake by simply naming a flower like I did on that sunflower some time ago.

By the way, it wasn't taken from any garden. Instead they were taken from a house compound. I didn't really invaded that fella's house actually. It's just you know, most of the houses in Japan don't have fences like in Malaysia. So I just pinjam-ed his flower for a while.

While taking these pictures, I came across lots of insects. So, I decided to have a try on taking the pictures along with the insects as well. Here are some which turned out to be quite nice to my liking.


lady's bird

giant lalat

There were also butterflies and moths, but I'm not sure which is which. I know in Malay they have rama-rama and kupu-kupu.

butterfly? or moth?

rama-rama? or kupu-kupu?

rama-kupu? dunno! pening liao!

Can someone clear me on what is a butterfly and what is a moth? Which is which?

UPDATED: Thanks to Dodo the Bird from Miri, here's a link about the difference between a butterfly and a moth. I never knew that a bird will have so much knowledge about insects. Perhaps bird and insects make good friends!


dodo said...

hey japjap. Wanna know the difference huh?? Check this out!

Calvin said...

dodo: thanks for the link. i've updated the entry with your name there ^.^

dodo said...

omg omg omg!!! im helping u out n look at wat u done to me heh. Wat Dodo bird somemore..omg omg omg. u spoilt my reputation liao ler. Alright then. No more durians for u d dude! Wat bird n insects make gd frens somemore. omg omg omg!!! Sounds soooo insulting!! haha ..nah kiddin dude. im cool with that. yeah. c how gd i am right. i do read ur blog de ler.

Calvin said...

dodo: i where got spoilt your reputation? i'm promoting you - dodo the endangered bird to the world la!

i will return the favour by posting an entry about dodo the bird. see how good i am right? i do keep my promise de ler :P

t@ng_y1! said...

hmmm.. these flowers are a bit 複雑じゃないか?
I still thk tat the background doesn't match the flower, meaning not harmony ...

Calvin said...

tang yii: perhaps the pink colour of the flower was too pale?

t@ng_y1! said...

ya.. maybe the colour of the flowers ain't sharp enough, plus the background was a lil too dark that coz the pics aren't jolok mata...

ask ur sifu to solve this problem , I'm not pro :P

Calvin said...

tang yii: yea. maybe got some problem with the focusing part. actually i didn't hope it to be perfect as i was just playing around with my cam on some flowers nia :P

sifu is not here yet. sifu busy and can't wait to go aussie liao ma.