Thursday, July 5, 2007

Lilium Lancifolium a.k.a. Tiger Lily

As promised in one of the previous post, I'll be posting an entry on Tiger lily (click here for more info). Tiger lily is nothing new to most of us as they can be found in Cameron Highlands back home. Similar to ajisai, Tiger lily can also be seen everywhere in Japan.

The only difference is that the place you can get them in Japan. You don't have to go to any highlands to see these flowers. It's not just in the garden of people's houses, but they plant them in their vegetable's farms as well.

So, I didn't have to go far to get the pictures of Tiger lily. These pictures below were taken from the sorroundings near my kosen.

And the rest of the Tiger lily.

Here comes the comment part. I would rather it to be the critique part because personally, I do feel that most of the shots above wasn't at the right angle as it should have been. Even some of it lack sharpness. As for effects part, there wasn't much raindrop as I'd hoped for.

What do you guys think?


michelleg said...

the pics looks alrite but mayb ur focusing a bit too much? haha. perhaps some borders for ur flowers. anyway, im not a pro, just giving my 2 cents worth. :)

Calvin said...

michelleg: i'm not a pro either :P

thanks for your critique. i'll try working on those next time :)

tang yii said...

I can't say they are good . I feel tat they are lake of stg... some feel .
the background of pic 5 to 8 spoilt the beauty of the flower ...
that's wat I thk.
Hope u don't mind.

Calvin said...

tang yii: good! good! that's what i'm looking for. of course i don't mind la. if you keep on telling me they are nice, how am i going to improve, right?

as i mentioned earlier, i wasn't really satisfied with them. certainly not the best shots from me. but i will try better ones next time :)

cl3m` said...

the reason why the background is like that is due to your cam's limitations :P

it's slightly underexposed in my opinion though. the white lilies look slightly gray. tht's because u set it on auto, i assume? camera's meter on 18%gray(or ard there, google this) so usually anything white comes out gray. the trick is to +0.3/0.6ev :)

you're getting good though.

Calvin said...

cl3m: yea, i'll look up on that later on. haha, sure good meh? what i got so far is just critiques nia ler :P

thanks anyway :)

Innocent^^Guy said...

i puji abit la..
erm..the flowers are beautiful...
the leaves looks green
the weather is nice..


Calvin said...

calvinsenpai: i hope you was being honest and wasn't kidding :P

p/s: i know what you will say after reading this though!