Friday, July 20, 2007

Japanese Fried Rice

As a start for this weekend cooking, I made this Japanese style fried rice after trying with the Chinese style last week. One of the reason I went for fried rice tonight is because I just finished with my Japanese test and it was already almost 7 that time. So to save time, I decided by just making some simple fried rice.
To be honest, I don't really have a clear idea how to prepare a Japanese style fried rice. What I did was I just used whatever I available to me in the fridge while trying as much as I can to make it ala Japanese. Here's what I came out with.
Japanese style fried rice.
The ingredients were just some basic stuff like diced onions and carrots, capsicums and of course slices of pork. Add an egg and some pepper and you will get this plate of Japanese style fried rice.
P/S: This is a non-halal dish.
Calvin's personal rating: 7/10


dodo said...

awww.. *tummy's growling* u're tempting me again!! ish! nex time when bck here d, pls do remember to cook for us here yah. we would like to try on that. N not just that, but also ur ..EQ dish. (the "indian" carrot) haha..

Calvin said...

dodo: are you so sure that my cooking is safe for consumption? :P

that EQ meal is only can be found on EQ day nia and not any days wor. unless malaysia is hit by an EQ, then the only way you can try it is by coming to my place :)

but i can still make indian carrot for you when i'm back :)

=jaecywong= said...

how does it make it japanese?!?!?! no seaweed also!!! XD.. wat's that red ball thingy? tomato arh!! hahaha look delicious though!! i like capsicum!!! but my bf dun like.. XD

dodo said...

haha ..wat a lark! i don need those indian carrots. jeez thanks man! haha. yeah. i would try ur dish ..coz i don k lar sooo damn hungry! n im soo easily to get hungry nowadays. n Maggi is damn fattening!

even if no EQ in msia, perhaps u can come out wit the idea of FLOOD dish. since msia is easily to get flooded heh. hehe ..

Calvin said...

jaecy: forget to get the nori that day. so ma no nori to top it of lor. i use capsicum coz you can't find a single chilly in japan!

oh yea, that red thing is actually a biji guli :P

Calvin said...

dodo: you want what kind of carrots then? you say you're going to try my dish right? so you better keep your promise no matter what i come out with in the future!

haha! good idea. i'm sure i will be coming out with a FLOOD meal when i get back :P

lonehunter88 said...

wah ur cooking all look so nice.. dont think i could ever make such a nice dish.. haha.

Calvin said...

lonehunter88: can wan. 'bear bear boleh!' :P