Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hope You Are Well

I recently got an email from the Malaysian embassy in Tokyo regarding on Registration of Malaysian Citizen Overseas. Looking at the headings, I was beginning to laugh already.
Hope you are well
Maybe some of you may find that there's nothing wrong about it. Yes, true. But I still find it hilarious. My first time seeing something like that from an official source.
I just ignored that email as we have already submitted those forms a few weeks ago. Then last night, I got another email.
Again, it started with "Hope you are well"
I guess this is the way the Japanese start their formal letter or email. But mind you, the language in the email this time was even keng-er. This was what I got last night.
Dear Malaysian Post Graduate Officers / Students in Japan
Hope you are well.
Last time I sent email about Registration Form to you all and I received inquiry
what form I am mentioning...
This time I attach "The Form".
I think most of students in Japan have already submitted it to Embassy
Just in case you have not submitted, please send us.
Thank you very much.
Embassy of Malaysia
You all? Is that a direct translation from anda semua? Or maybe "お前全て" (Omae subete)? Is that actually a formal English?
This time I attach "The Form". Doesn’t that sound so kiddy? It is like when my Art teacher used to tell us,
Teacher: Okay boys, you know what we will draw today?
We: Dunno teacher…
Teacher: This time we draw "The Cow"!
Anyway, he actually saved the best for the last. Please send us. Send them? But send them where? Pluto?
This is what I call Janglish!


jaecywong said...


hope u r well...



michelleg said...

wow u could still update ur blog? amazing.. today i shall not bomb u. just try harder for the other papers k.. ;)

Calvin said...

jaecy: what's LMAO?

Calvin said...

michelleg: no, you should bomb me. i was over-confident for that paper. i know i deserve that!

i will start studying later. but before that, let me mourn for a while first. i know i shouldn't think about that ady coz it's already over, but just a while...

=jaecywong= said...

laugh my arse off :P

-waiwai- said...

haha... hope u are well...
i hope u are well .... cal...

Calvin said...

waiwai: since when you kena those japanese disease liao? i hope you are okay :P

CRAPPED!! said... are suppose to send them to the embassy!!