Monday, July 16, 2007

Earthquake Hit Niigata

I know it will come one day. But I just don't know when will that be. It was a normal day this morning. It's a Monday morning. But there were no class today because it's a public holiday in Japan as they celebrate 海の日 (Umi no hi) or Marine's Day today.
I got up at 9.45am, washed my face and turned on my laptop to start my day. After checking for any new emails and doing some usual blog hoppings, I went chatting in CN's chatbox for a while.
this is what I was actually doing when the earthquake hit me
It was 10.13am. Suddenly, I felt something was moving. It slowly got stronger and stronger. Initially I never thought it was an earthquake. See how stewpid I was. It took me about 8 seconds to finally realise that an earthquake was hitting my place.
Realising that it was actually an earthquake, I still took my sweet time continue chatting away, while taking a glimpse around my room. Then I looked outside through my window to enjoy the scenery. I thought it will stop very soon. But that didn't happen. It continued shaking and shaking. I knew instantly that was not a fun thing anymore. The stuff on my table just shaked. Even when I was standing, the floor was like going to crack.
I was searching for my camera and by the time I was going to take the video, it stopped. I know you will be thinking what the hell am I doing by still thinking of taking a video when an earthquake was hitting me. I tell you, I was damn blur at that time. Only after the earthquake stopped that we were told to assemble outside. The quake was easily more than 30 seconds.
Thinking it back now, I got to tell you that it was scary!
Outside, mostly were still in their pyjamas. Luckily I didn't look too bad. After some confirmation on everyone's safety, we just waited outside there for 30 minutes until it's safe for us to return. If there's any aftershock, even a small one, then we will have to wait for another 30 minutes.
I just wonder, how if at every 29th minute of our wait, there come an aftershock each time. That means we won't be returning to our hostel until midnight!
see! still can laugh!
waiting for the the cue to return
That time, what I took along with me was just my camera! Of so many things, I took my camera instead of my handphones or any important documents. All were still smiling away, especially the Japanese.
As for the Malaysians, this was what you get.
blur blur blur all the way
My senpai told us that this was a big one as they have only experienced some small ones last year, around magnitude-4.5. I later found out that the earthquake that hit our place this morning was a magnitude-6.6 quake.
I repeat, a magnitude-6.6 quake!
this is what happened at 10.13am (GMT+9) this morning
That can be considered a big one as the last one to hit Niigata was in October 2004 when a magnitude-6.8 earthquake killed 40 people and damaged more than 6,000 homes. It was the deadliest to hit Japan since 1995, when a magnitude-7.2 quake killed 6,433 people in the western city of Kobe.
You must be wondering why a magnitude-6.6 quake hit us this morning but not major casualties was reported, compared to the magnitude-6.8 in 2004. The reason is because that one in 2004 happened continuously. If the quake didn't stop just now and continued shaking, it's expected that the buildings here will collapse. As buildings in Japan are built to withstand earthquake, the buildings didn't collapse just now. If that quake happens in Malaysia, I guess even the Twin Towers will collapse.
This is no joke. Before this morning, I've been waiting for the day to experience an earthquake. I mean some small ones. But never did I thought that when it hit me for the first time, it hit me hard. A M6.6 quake.
all is still safe and sound after the quake
It's already more than 4 hours since the quake hit my place. There are still some little aftershock quakes that can be felt now. I'm still kinda blur and still recovering from it. You might laugh at me. I will be like that too before this. But not anymore after what I went through this morning. You'll know how it is when you actually go through it yourself.
Life is nothing. A few seconds of quake can just take you life away. Lucky me as the one I went through was not too serious and I'm still able to be here posting this entry.
UPDATED: There was another aftershock quake at 1537 (Japan Local Time) and again, we were evacuated. It was a magnitude-5.6 quake. I'm sure after this there'll be some few others aftershock quakes. Just got to keep myself alert with it.
Of all the days, they pick today to give us a BIG earthquake. I've been playing hide and seek with it since this morning. It's kinda a cat and mouse game. Just like Tom and Jerry. I hope I will be Jerry.


jo said...

WAHAHAHAHAH!!fun right????
first time experiencing...give us such a big one summore...haha... freaked me out the second time...
cant believe u still have the time to take picture!!

Calvin said...

jo: omg! you still can say it was fun? fun your head la! luckily it wasn't a continuous one. if not, you think you still here meh?

there's no limit on when or where you take pictures ^.-

ns29 said...

seriously,I took video on the water inside my bottle here..
but then not so big cant get nice i deleted it.

cant imagine a 6.6 one.
but read some news bout the dead and injured..really serious.
just gonna feel lucky that we are staying in such good building.
if in Msia..dont ever mention those tall and big building..even small small one also will just runtuh...

Calvin said...

ns29: your idea of taking video on the water inside the water gave me an idea. i will be trying to take that if there's another aftershock quake.

yea, the news in the internet and tv are shocking. anyway, come here and feel for yourself on a M6.6 quake la! :P

t@ng_y1! said...

my first earthquake experience in Suzuka was when I was two weeks here.
It happened when I went shopping at APITA. I dint feel any shake at all till the ppl around me started to get panic, baru I alerted that there was an earthquake after seeing some small sign board shook a bit....
the second wave was on the same day, evening , when I was eating dinner with Soo Sing n Kelly. They still had the mood to joke tht I was lucky to experience an earthquake by only 2 weeks in Jpn. Soo Sing and Kelly are here 2 and one year respectively, but they nv experience any earthquake b4...

Calvin said...

tang yii: i bet all those that you've gone through so far will never beat this one this morning.

i'm still recovering man.

dodo said...

those guys are ki siao mia. Somemore still laughing over there heh. Should have thanked God that thy're safe ler. Not to show those smiling face ler. Aduhai! no expression of relief somemore. Better don me c them around yah. Else gona whack their arses off. I think wait till they kena the big one they baru tau the rasa. By that time, i don't think thy would be smiling d.

Calvin said...

dodo: i know you wanted to say they are not right, right? brain not functioning well, right? but japanese memang like that one.

just now can be considered a big one already. if there's a bigger than this morning's quake, by that time, they will be smiling in the coffin already lor :P

TZ said...

I experienced the earthquake from Sumatra back in year 2005 where the Tsunami hit Asia. At that time, i was @ northern part of Malaysia and i thot what had happen to the building. Blur and shocked. Few weeks later, i experienced again in my Condo downtown KL one night (i stayed @ 23rd floor). it was a scary experience to me.

I bet it must be a scary experience too on this earthquake in Japan. Glad that you are okay.

Calvin, take good care of yourself eh!...

Calvin said...

tz: nice to see you sharing your experience here back then. i bet the one that you went through in 2004 (not 2005 right?) is no where near what happened yesterday morning in my place.

indeed it was scary. every now and then, there's still some small aftershock quakes.

and thanks for your concern :)

TZ said...

Oops... i'm very bad on history and dates... thanks for the clarification :-p