Monday, July 16, 2007

Earthquake Day Meal

By the time you read this, I guess most of you have known that the northern part of Japan has been hit by an earthquake this morning. It's a holiday today and as usual, I'll be cooking. I will be the only one cooking as for the rest, they eat in the canteen. I later found out that they only got bread for lunch since all the electricity and fire line were cut off. Sounds like so pelarian for them!
After playing hide and seek with the earthquake and some aftershock quakes, I ended up starting cooking at about 3 something. That was my lunch! Imagine that! I was planning to cook ayam panggang or roasted chicken and fried some vegetables.
I went to the kitchen and curi (not curi actually as I've asked from my senpai first already) some of the rempah. I was marinating my chicken with quite a lot of rempah that time. Among others are curry powder, chilly powder, serbuk jintan manis, jintan putih and a few other which I have forgotten. I just whacked everything I could find there.
While I was so syiok doing that to my chicken, there came another aftershock quake. I though it will just last one two seconds. But mana tau, it continued for almost 10 seconds. It was slightly weaker than the one this morning. This time is was about magnitude-5.6.
There I was, with my hands full of curry powder and the announcement was made to assemble at the same place this morning. So I left my chicken there and went out waiting for 30 minutes before continuing my cooking. After cooking with the possibility of a quake to hit any time in my mind, I finally manage to come out with this.
Earthquake Day Meal: White rice, EQ curry roasted chicken and EQ mixed vegetable.
The mixed vegetable consists of cabbage, carrot and mushrooms. As for the main dish, I just roasted the chicken in the oven and sprinkle some cheese on it halfway while it's still in the oven. Lastly, add some black pepper and you will get a EQ curry roasted chicken.
Ohh yea, the dish above is only suitable for consumption on Earthquake Day ^.-
Calvin's personal rating: 6/10


dodo said...

hey dude. u really can cook de ler. Never knw about it! haha ..after viewing ur past entries right, i found out that no matter under wat circumstances u r still able to come out with such a nice dish heh. Ccc...even if u're havin the EQ, u still gt the time to marinate ur chicken heh. haha ..keng ar u! ban ban lai somemore heh. Eh, but then hor, i saw ur carrots gt a lil black black thingy ler. Hangus hor?! haha..

Calvin said...

dodo: #1: i still have to eat, no matter what happen, right?

#2: credit to you for the idea of mixed vegetable.

#3: did the word 'syiok' made you think i was ban ban lai-ing with my chicken? but true also la. like you said, i was marinating it with love ma :P

#4: my carrot wasn't hangus or rentung. it's all because of the EQ la. i was cutting halfway when the aftershock hit. when i came back, i see my carrot turned indian liao! -.-

TZ said...

Calvin, you are awesome in cooking... can't wait to try your cooking...

Just curious? Is the chicken taste different? Guess what? the chicken has shaked with Rempah and curry powder naturally... :-) I belief the mix vege is fully mixed... :-P

Calvin said...

tz: that is why i named it EQ curry roasted chicken. you will never simply get it anywhere but only on EQ Day :P